Are you looking for AJAX DETECTION Alpha Metal Detector review? In this article, I will provide AJAX DETECTION Underground Treasure Gold Detector with Pin Pointer review. To get to know this metal detector entirely keep reading the article.

There are many different ways you can go about searching for gold using a metal detector, ranging from hunting for family heirlooms to treasure hunting for fun. If you are hunting for a certain type of gold, you should select a metal detector that is most suited to your needs. If you want to go with a top pick, the AJAX DETECTION Alpha Metal Detector is a good alternative for you. An integrated system consisting of long-distance detection and procedures to identify and locate gold, treasure, and other metals is part of the alpha metal detector.

The device that is the first to span great distances was named “Alpha”. The label has been affixed to the goods after passing numerous American, European, African, and Asian treasure-hunting exams. This integrated gadget displays visible navigation paths, balance systems, and arrival points; all of which make it the best device without competitors.

The Features of  AJAX DETECTION Alpha Professional Gold Metal Detector 

AJAX DETECTION Underground Treasure Gold Detector with Pin Pointer

Covers Long Distance and Depth

AJAX DETECTION Professional Metal Detector has demonstrated that it is capable of accurately targeting targets from up to 2250 m away as well as down to 50 m underground. Since the land extends for over half a mile in-depth and covers about two square miles, you will be able to find any type of gold metal under the ground inside that area.

Equipped with Advanced System

Alpha has some of the most current and advanced equipment to find and discover areas containing gold, treasures, and metals. AJAX DETECTION Professional Metal Detector is filled with a wide array of useful features that enable the user to achieve his exploration goals as quickly and efficiently as possible. The Ajax factory was responsible for the design and manufacturing of the tool as well as all of its components. To make sure the equipment has top-of-the-line performance, dependability, and quality, we use this technique.

Integrated Interface Searching Option

This device offers a very simple interface, displaying the user’s intended path and a series of clever balance systems to transport and the destination, making it a truly better option for those who seek simplicity. The machine features two different detection systems. One is for long-range detection that may be operated manually, and the other is for automatic long-range detection that requires automatic intervention. To help with your search, make sure your search tool and interface allow you exact control and easy use of the device.

Modern and Sleek Design

Its sleek, modern form offers comfort while detection is lightweight and easy to use. A well-designed product offers you dependable service under challenging conditions and resists outside influence. By having a 5-inch color screen, the user can control all of the device settings, as well as monitor results and search properties.

Battery replacement may be carried out without removing the main casing of the device if the battery is damaged, thanks to the battery’s transport frame, which can be opened and closed.

Great Operating System

The AJAX DETECTION Alpha Metal Detector is capable of continually playing at maximum volume for 5 hours, and can continuously backlight for the same amount of time. In addition to the normal headphone output, which permits you to easily hear and understand the search results; you can also adjust the sound settings, such as MP3 or WAVE. The fast and steady charging output permits quick and fluid charging for maximum performance. Because the input connector for systems having various search jobs, you can select the search system you want to use.

You’ll get comprehensive control of the settings and programs with this design because AJAX DETECTION Professional Metal Detector has a control key interface, impact indicator, and moisture indicator materials. Because the input connector for systems having various search jobs, you can select the search system you want to use.

Is it worth buying an AJAX DETECTION Depth Gold and Metal Detector?

The surface-level metal detectors are suitable for being placed on surfaces or installed underground. AJAX DETECTION Depth Gold and Metal Detector are useful for looking for gold nuggets or veins underneath the surface. The vast majority of the gold in the world is situated in locations surrounded by other minerals, such as iron, and is found using a more sensitive detector that can separate minerals successfully.

For any type of treasure search, a detector is an excellent choice, regardless of where you search. However, if you are seriously interested in locating various precious metals, including gold, silver, and platinum, that are scattered on beaches, in rivers, or the forests, you will require this metal detector. I’m confident that I am worth every penny you’ve invested in AJAX DETECTION Depth Gold and Metal Detector.

What makes the Ajax Alpha one of the best gold detectors?

AJAX DETECTION Professional Metal Detector

The control box of this metal detector has a display so you can better analyze the sounds that come from the gadget and minimize unnecessary digging. All displays don’t have the same features; the vast majority of them, however, will show the basic depth of things, the amount of gold they contain, and their conductivity. Conductivity increases when gold and other precious metals are present.

Due to the frequencies employed, most detectors cannot search through more than 8 inches of soil. It may also be used to find gold but will penetrate deeper. They are using gold’s conductive qualities by using a considerably higher frequency. With this gold detector, you’ll know when you’re within the golden fields’ grasp, without delay.

Manual ground balance controls are included in this gold detector. By customizing the machine, we’ll be able to focus the filter on the main iron control on the ground.


To some people, gold hunting is an enjoyable pastime or hobby. These people use their metal detectors to get a financial return from their finds. Gold, everyone knows is valuable and has the potential to be worth your time if you locate something. I would therefore encourage you to keep that in mind. In other words, when you see something as an investment, the rule of thumb is to expect a profit, and this AJAX DETECTION Alpha Metal Detector would be a great purchase for you.

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