If you are a beginner and finding the best beginner metal detector then you have got the right article. It is quite hard for the beginner to find the best metal detectors which are suitable for the novice.

In that case, if you have a cherished dream to find the metals and planning to take your expertise level to the next level then you should check these 5 best beginner metal detectors which will help you a lot to find the gold, relics, and coins.

I hope you will get your desired metal detector from these lists.

1. Best Beginner Metal Detector: Canway

The beginners always look for coming handy metal detectors which could make them easier to find treasures within a low budget. The Canway metal detector is an indispensable metal hunter, and we put on this in our first list. With all of this, it is the best beginner metal detector.

Best Beginner Metal Detector: Canway

This metal hunter has two different modes DISC and NOTCH, differentiating the target discrimination and junk elimination from pinpoint function. Moreover, it has an LCD screen that will show the accurate target from any depth to the screen.

This best beginner metal detector is highly recommended for underwater, outdoor, beach, steam, and yard. However, the control box is not waterproof.

Best features of Canway Metal Detector

In the based on beginner choice, it is comprised of some outstanding features which are well suited with beginners, and user-friendly. Canway Metal Detector offers adjustable sensitivity.

So, you should be patient to detect deeply target because the SENS will be adjusted in a high position ground, and SENS will reduce interference in a complex environment.

Perfectly suited for different

This metal hunter precisely sets for underwater, outdoor, beach, and yard. This is an environmentally friendly metal hunter. So that it can cope up with any kind of cautious situation, and make users comfortable to persistent on their target anywhere.

Adjustable design

Canway Metal Detector has 33 inches to 40.6 inches adjustable stem applicable to junior and experts. Besides, the armrest is designed to save more effort which gives users extra comfort zone. Be patient, when you go hunting because it may sometimes take some ling time but it will adjust the ground to everywhere.

High accuracy

Well! There is another immense feature because this will help to find treasures with this distinctive audio tone. Furthermore, pinpoint function enables to find the target more precisely, which would ignore the junk and enhance your hunting ability by disc range.

Why you should buy this?

1. High level of chip performance

2. The humanization design oriented

3. Everything is shown on LCD

4. It has a waterproof coil

5. It offers a warranty and guarantee

6. Pinpoint is more accurate and deep hunt


  • 2 years warranty’
  • Cheap
  • Accurate target
  • Smooth operating
  • Best for beginners
  • A good review from customers


  • Pinpoint is not waterproof

2. Best Beginner Metal Detector: MOSTON

The MOSTON Metal Detector would be a wise choice for a beginner because it is an affordable metal hunter and has it all necessary features ought to have detected treasures. That terrain was never being clear to find whether MOSTON Metal Detector can find an array from any difficulty.

Best Beginner Metal Detector: MOSTON

Furthermore, it is a best beginner metal detector that offers all necessary items to persist on hunting despite buried treasures.

The best beginner metal detector is precisely recommended for beaches, sands, farmland, and ruins because it 7 variable sensitivity level.

Best features of MOSTON Metal Detector

This is a waterproof coil metal detector, and it has an LCD screen. Furthermore, it creates a great portion to hunt in underwater for an array in the ocean.

However, this LCD screen is not waterproof so you should be conscious and stay away LCD from water. Also, it has 7 variable sensitivity which could be the best option for you to grab.

Waterproof search coil

This metal detector plays an immense role in shallow water or heavy rain. So that waterproof search coil will not miss anything with this waterproof search coil.

Moreover, the wider diameter is 9.84 inches waterproof search coil which makes ensured that more accuracy in the target.


This LCD is not waterproof. However, the pro flouncy of this display is more accurate and find treasures from any dazzling condition.

Moreover, users will get the advantages to find anything and see anything on the screen before grabbing.

Variable sensitivity level

There are 7 variable sensitivity levels with 8 inches detection which would able to detect from more accurate. Users need to do that sets the discrimination point and it will catch any unwanted treasures.

Why you should buy it?

1.High accuracy level point

2.The adjustable sensitivity levels

3. More efficiency to find treasures

4. Multifunctional tools for finding an array

5. super comfort for beginners


  • Waterproof search coil
  • 1-year warranty
  • Easy to use
  • User-friendly
  • Cheap
  • Great for beginners
  • Good at underwater


  • LCD is not waterproof

3. Best Beginner Metal Detector: MARNUR

The MARNUR Metal Detector is designed for ancients’ treasures. It offers high accuracy devise that makes detector closely to grasp a hundred years old treasures.

Moreover, this metal detector is the best beginner metal detector.

Best Beginner Metal Detector: MARNUR

Besides, it has an LCD display which will also help users to identify the signals on the screen and be more accurate. The best part of this metal detector is, it can be hunt unexpected treasures during hunting in the ground.

The MARNUR Metal Detector is precisely recommended for ancient treasures, iron, bronze, and silver.

Best features of MARNUR Metal Detector

Beginners always accept and look for easy features that can detect plenty of treasures within a short time. Now, MARNUR Metal Detector is coming in for user-friendly features.

Furthermore, it is an accurate target metal detector, waterproof search coil, adjustable sensitivity, and so on. Having these all features, it becomes a beginner’s choice, and it is the best beginner metal detector.


This LCD screen plays a vital role in the case of hunting treasures because everything is shown on display before getting the products. Moreover, it indicates users when the battery is low. So, users don’t need to frantic with worry wondering with the rechargeable battery.

7 sensitivity level

There are 7 variable sensitivity levels with 8 inches detection which would able to detect from more accurate. Users need to do that sets the discrimination point and it will catch any unwanted treasures.

Furthermore, every piece of treasure will show on display so that you can measure the size of the treasure.

Waterproof search coil

This metal detector has a strong search coil. The search coil is with 9.84 inches large diameter coil which can detect treasures extreme depth. Surprisingly, this search coil is waterproof so you can go with this in water or can hunt in a rainy season.

Why you should buy it?

1. High accuracy and adjustable sensitivity

2. The big diameter search coil

3. Backlight LCD and adjustable sensitivity

4. Unique design

5. Perfect for bringing with vacation or travel


  • Easy to bring
  • Good armrest
  • Good detection depth
  • Goods for kids
  • Encourage to kids playing with this


  • Not good for adults

4. DR. ÖTEK Lightweight Metal Detector

If you are a new metal hunter then it would be a great choice for you because the DR. ÖTEK Lightweight Metal Detector is with a graphic LED display.

DR. ÖTEK Lightweight

This metal detector comes with five different modes, pinpoint modes, all-metal modes, memory modes, jewelry modes, discrimination modes, which will help you to detect the exact target from different locations. With all this kind, it is the best beginner metal detector.

The DR. ÖTEK Lightweight Metal Detector is precisely recommended for birthday gift, anniversary gift, or any kind of occasion. You can give your love one a gift.

Best features of DR. ÖTEK Lightweight Metal Detector

The best beginner metal detector has remained so many user-friendly features. Large LCD, pinpoint mode, search coil, discrimination modes, waterproof, and so on.

Moreover, the LCD screen will allow you to see a digital image, and alert with fine sound whenever imaging treasures.

Furthermore, the best feature is the discrimination mode setting the mode and getting your favorite treasure.


This is specially designed for beginners who want a metal detector with a shovel. This shovel builds to smoothly dig down gravel, rocks, sand, and other substance. Moreover, the sharp edge of this shovel easily digs the cautious environment.

Adjustable detection and length

DISC and METALS are made comfortable for children or beginners to search. The alloy of the shaft is easily adjustable and find the targets from any different length.


It has 8 inches search coil which produces impressive results. So, you can dig through this in a location to find valuable stuff.

Moreover, detection, sometimes, changes depth maximization. It can go up to 18 inches due to the changing environment.

Why you should buy it?

1. Lightweight and convenience to bring

2. The adjustable and accurate depth and sensitivity

3. Powerful search coil

4. Large LCD which indicates the battery position

5. Best for outdoor activities

6. Can be hunt in the rain


  • Graphic display
  • Easy to find metals
  • Memory mode
  • Comfortable
  • Protective film attaches to the panel
  • Durable
  • Waterproof coil


  • Expensive for kids

5. Best Beginner Metal Detector: ToolGuards

As a beginner, do you want to set a career for a lifetime? If the answer is yes, then it would be the best beginner metal detector because it promises the same hunting capability in land and water. This metal hunter is for all ages and people choose this for as a hobby, passion for all women, men and children.

ToolGuards Metal Detector

The ToolGuards Metal Detector is highly recommended for old coins, gold, tools, jewelry, and many more with premium tool guards.

Best features of ToolGuards Metal Detector

As we said that this is the best beginner metal detector. Now, you will get clear clarification on why we have said that. This is the 2019 update version that’s why it offers so many new and technophile features to make users more comfortable hunting with this.

Furthermore, it is connected with the past like it can hunt some treasures which are hunting metal detector related to ancient metals.

2019 model

Well! This metal hunter is the newest model feature in the market, and it offers all ages people, and also it can be a good gift for your favorite one. Though it is the newest model at this phenomenon, so, it is comprised of all kind of features which make it more durable and stronger.

3 different modes

It has 3 different modes all, target, and DISC. If you select all buttons then it wouldn’t have any restrictions from hunting.

Moreover, whether you have favorite metal or you are looking for some specific metal then push the target button.

Furthermore, the disc will regulate your objects, which will moderate unwanted objects.

Why you should buy it?

1. Offering detachable shovel and pouch

2. Protecting from bad weather

3. Easy to transport and comfortable shoulder strap

4. 3 different operating modes all, target, and DISC

5. The headphone is included connecting with the control box


  • Cheap
  • Good customer review
  • Convenience armrest
  • Update version
  • Quality performance
  • Great for all ages


  • Incorrect connection can occur low signals for treasures

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