Are you looking for the best cheap metal detector for your kids? Well, you have reached the right place because I am going to demonstrate 10 best affordable metal detectors for kids.

However, it is quite challenging and confusing to choose the best and kids-friendly metal detector. As a result, a massive number of people face problem to buy metal detectors for their kids.

By the way, in this article, you will get 10 best inexpensive metal detectors. As a result, you will able to choose the best one for kids. We have listed the metal detectors by considering the price, performance, user-friendliness, and durability.

1. AMYSPORTS Kids Metal Detector

The AMYSPORTS Kids Metal Detector is the best cheap metal detector and this is the best for kids. This metal detector has offered lightweight and adjustable stem which is the best suitable hunter for kids’ preferences.

Best features of AMYSPORTS Kids Metal Detector

AMYSPORTS Kids Metal Detector

1. By the kid’s exceptions, it makes a sound like BEEE… when it gets something like jewelry, coins, rings, lock, metals and so on under the search coil.

2. This metal detector is designed by waterproof which makes it viable to use underwater.

3. AMYSPORTS is perfectly done before getting the products from a retailer, and setting the function perfectly which makes it easy to use and accurate for kids.

4. The lightweight and the adjustable metal hunter is collapsible that encourages kids to hunt more and makes surprising kids treasures with this small detector.


  • Lightweight & adjustable
  • Easy to use
  • Waterproof
  • Cheap
  • Accurate


  • Not good for professionals

2. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Junior Metal Detector

The NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Junior Metal Detector is another best cheap metal detector that is good at finding lost treasures like jewelry, coins, and so on. Besides, it has a high quality to find real treasures from yards.

Best features of NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Junior Metal Detector


1. This metal detector has high sensitivity to skip false responses with 7.5 inches dual coil.

2. The NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Junior Metal Detector will beep and flash LED light when it grasps the target. Detecting deep is up to 6 feet for jewelry, coins, and so on, but the detecting capability will be higher for larger items.

3. This is also a great metal detector for kids that’s why it provides an arm strap and comfort grip for all sizes kids.

4. The weight of this metal hunter is 1.4 lb or 0.6 kg which measures only 24 inches and extends up to 39 inches long.


  • Low weight
  • Great for kids
  • 3 AA batteries
  • Full-color learning guide
  • Satisfactory guaranteed


  • Not 100% accurate

3. SUNPOW Metal Detector

There is another best cheap metal detector in our list, the SUNPOW metal detector. This metal detector is offering so many unparallel features within your budget. The SUNPOW metal detector is for both kids and adults and recommended for iron, aluminum, gold, bronze, and silver hunting.

Best features of SUNPOW metal detector

SUNPOW metal detector

 1. There are two different modes to improve your detection capability, DISC mode, and unique audio. Also, you can easily separate the target by enhancing unique audio and ignore the junk by DISC mode.

2. The large LCD screen helps to show on display the mode, battery status, sensitivity level, and volume and target depth. It is more accurate than the pointer.

3. The depth detection of this hunter is 7.1 inches in pinpoint function mode. It has a pinpoint function and high depth. For this reason, it is accurately located at the target point.

4. It has 10 inches waterproof coil. Waterproof coil and stem can enable to detect underwater with this high sensitivity. So, users can hunt beach, stream, and yard.


  • Waterproof coil
  • Warranty guarantee
  • Good customers review
  • Good for adults and kids
  • Bag and shovel with it


  • Not waterproof control box

4. King detector MD-4030

The king detector is one of the best metal detectors for kids and adults which is also the best cheap metal detector. This metal detector is the ideal choice for a hobby, and treasures hunting gear as it is the best suitable metal hunter for kids, beginners, adults, women, and all ages.

Moreover, it is good at detecting buried items relics in your backyards.

Best features of king detector MD-4030

King detector MD-4030

1. This metal detector is best for it has the most convenience kit, with a shovel and a headphone. Moreover, users can use it in a noisy place to find the buried relic. Furthermore, it has a YouTube channel, the channel name of the king detector, where it has shown the instruction on how to use.

2. It has two modes all metals and DISC. All option regulates all metal from any kind of restrictions and DISC manipulates the knob and gets unwanted objects.

3. With the waterproof search coil, it will meet your all expectations underwater, an adjustable knob to meet the height of your preference.


  • Adjustable search coil
  • 2 detection mode
  • Headphone and shovel are getting free
  • Good customers review
  • Best for beginners


  • Not durable

5. Metal Detector MD-1008A

This metal detector MD-1008A is one of the most prominent and convenient metal detectors.

Moreover, it is the best cheap metal detector. This metal detector could be the most favorable hobby those ages are up to 6 years old. Throughout the world, it is widely used for underground metal hunting.

Best features of Metal Detector MD-1008A        

Best cheap Metal Detector MD-1008A

1. The Metal Detector MD-1008A has 3 different amazing features, amazing sensitivity, lightweight and easy operation, and LCD.

2. It has a simple metal detecting which detection distance approximately 1.3 cm. It is recommended for parents’ activity, kids’ activity, and science education.

3. This metal detector is simply used for losing coins, bottle caps. And, users can find anything about this metal detector from YouTube video because it has a YouTube channel to know the instruction.


  • Science education
  • Tutorial on YouTube
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Shovel included
  • 0.6 weight
  • 6.1 inches stretch the length


Not waterproof

6. Nokta Makro Simplex Waterproof Detector with 11″ Coil

The Nokta Marko is with auto ground balancing. Simply you just turn on and go for hunting. This metal detector includes beach mode, easy to use and single menu design.

If you are looking for coins, jewelry, and artifacts inland or underwater then it would be the handier and most effective way you will get these. Moreover, it is a durable and best cheap metal detector.

Best features of NOKTA MARKO


1. This is a fully submersible metal detector which is up to 3 meters.

2. In the case of iron, it turns off or adjusts with it.

3. It has notch discrimination in which target ID is unwanted.

4. It has four different search modes all-metal, field, park, and beach.


  • LCD backlight
  • Keypad backlight
  • LED flashlight
  • 11 inches coil


  • Not good hype

7. ToolGuards Metal Detector

Do you want to set a lifetime career on metal hunting, if your question is yes then the tool guard metal detector is the best choice for you? It is the best cheap metal detector and you can thrill and hunt jewelry, old coins, gold, and tool with it. This metal detector is the most premium metal detector.

Best features of Tool Guard metal detector

Best cheap metal detector Tool Guard

1. It is a waterproof metal detector so that you can enjoy hunting inland and underwater.

2. The great metal detector for all ages as it consists of 2019 newest models for a hobby.

3. This metal detector is connected with the past that’s why it’s found all buried items and older relics.

4. It has a good armrest.


  • Super comfort
  • For all ages
  • Good at land and underwater
  • Quality performances
  • Good review


  • Very sensitive that’s why incorrect connection occurs no signal

8. Allsun Pro Underwater Metal Detector

The Allsun Pro Underwater Metal Detector is the most versatile metal detector within your budget because it is also one of the best cheap metal detectors. This metal detector comprises so many features that will blow your mind and we hope that it will meet your requirements.

Best features of Allsun Pro Underwater Metal Detector

Allsun Pro

1. Up to 20 cm is waterproof that gives you more detection and you can easily hunt most uncover treasures.

2. The LCD will show the detection level, battery indicator, and modes.

3. It is a perfect metal detector finding treasure anywhere you would like to search.

4. Easy to assemble


  • Professionals and beginners hunters
  • Auto ground balance
  • Audio alarm
  • Battery indicator
  • Discrimination mode


  • Not good hunter for beginners

9. Dnyker Metal Detector

This is one of the best cheap metal detectors which offer so many substantial features. It has detection modes, high sensitivity, waterproof search coil, and so on.

Moreover, pinpoint function is belonged in an expensive metal hunter but this metal detector gives you that which must be indispensable to hunt treasures.

Best features of Dnyker Metal Detector

Best cheap metal detector Dnyker

1. This metal detector has a better LCD control box which measures the depth, sensitivity, operating mode, and discrimination level.

2. Without any blind restriction, this hunter enables to detect in underwater.

3. It has extreme sensitivity simultaneously it is accurate.

4. it has a pinpoint function which helps to improve the detection ability.


  • Comfortable metal hunter
  • Easy to use
  • Lots of substantial features
  • Extreme sensitivity and accuracy
  • Good quality


  • Sometimes it fails to catch coins

10. Avid Power Metal Detector

This is another best cheap metal detector in our list which also offers lots of features. This metal hunter would be an ideal choice for kids and adults.

Moreover, the Avid power metal detector can differentiate the metal detector by producing high tone, low tone, and medium tone for different kinds of metals.

Best features of Avid power metal detector

Avid Power

1. It has two discrimination modes all metals and DISC mode. All metals mode is for all kinds of metals with accurately, and DISC mode is for what kind of metal you want to catch.

2. It is a waterproof metal detector so that you can hunt in underwater.

3. This metal detector is with high sensitivity and pinpoint box which identify your target with producing high volume, low volume, and medium volume for different metals.


  • Waterproof
  • Accurate and extreme sensitivity
  • LCD control box
  • Free replacement policy
  • Attractive design


  • The control box is not waterproof

Best Gold Metal Detector

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