If you are a gold hunter and glancing the best gold metal detector then I would say you have got the right article. I am going to mention some of the best metal detectors which are particularly constructed to find the gold in different soil condition.

Go through the entire article to get one that best matches your requirements.

1. Best Gold Metal Detector: Whites TDI BeachHunter

The Whites TDI Beach Hunter is specially designing for both salt and freshwater to hunt gold. It is one of the best gold hunters. Moreover, it has always been extreme depth and sensitivity in salt and freshwater.

best gold metal detector Whites TDI

It plays hunting metals for an immense role in any difficulty because it is waterproof 25 feet depth and common VLF detectors. Furthermore, the TDI beach hunter is a dual-tone multi-detector which can produce different sounds for different metals.

The White TDI beach hunter is not only good at gold hunting, but it would also play a vital role to hunt gold jewelry, small gold nuggets, and hammered coins at extreme depth.

Best features of white TDI BeachHunter

This is the most common VLF, struggling with mineralization in salt and fresh-water with the high sensitivity search coil and dual audio tine. It consists of some common and easy features that are why we put in this in our first position list.

Like, at only 5.2 lbs, this is completed for action in the difficult arena of your own hunting style. In addition, it has a high voltage battery which is able to run for a long time.

Ready for action

TDI beach hunter has remained as well as hip and chest-mount pouch allowing users hunts in their own style.

Moreover, it has only 5.2 lbs, but with this, it is ready for action. Furthermore, it is included heavy-duty NIMH rechargeable battery which can run for 6 hours and has support with 8 AA packs.

Dual-tone audio

The bits of help of this sound, it produces different sound for different metals, and these kinds of things made it the best gold detector.

Two search coils

It has 12 inches dual-field search coils that have a high sensitivity for small coils and the larger items are punched in a pinch of salt and freshwater mineralization.

Why you should buy the white TDI BeachHunter?

1. The waterproofness is up to 25 feet

2. The operation is a pulse induction

3. In case of maximum induction, the pulse delay

4. 12 inches search coil with high sensitivity in case of small nuggets

5. Simultaneously good at fresh and saltwater mineralization


  • Two search coils
  • Good for small gold nuggets
  • Positive feedback from customers
  • Adjustable frequency
  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable battery with backup


  • Expensive

2. Minelab Safari Pro-Pack Metal Detector

The Minelab Safari Pro-Pack is the first metal detector in the Minelab series which has featured full-band Spectrum (FBS) technology that does extreme sensitivity and accurate detecting for both simplicity and amazing performances.

best gold metal detector Minelab Safari Pro

Furthermore, this metal detector uses advanced and digitalized technology to exert the influence of ground signals mechanically. For this reason, you can get a seamless result from the high trash density position. It is one of the best gold hunter.

The Minelab Safari Pro-Pack Metal Detector is precisely recommended for gold nuggets as well as hidden treasures.

Best features of Minelab Safari Pro-Pack Metal Detector

As we have said that this is the best gold detector, there are some unparallel reasons beholding this. The Minelab Safari Pro-Pack Metal Detector is comprised of so many digitalized and advanced technology to make you more comfortable and easy to find gold nuggets.

In addition, it has target id and audio tones developing every time with new series so that it can easily reach the target and grab the target.

This development makes this hunter find treasures from any dry or trash area more adequately.

Noise cancel

It has mechanically cut down the noise pollution. For this reason, you can search the gold nuggets for a longer period of time. It is the most stable channel to a robust and well-balanced design for sustainable detecting.

FBS technology

This is the first and foremost technology using in the Minelab series. This feature is ultra-lightweight and with 11 inches waterproof coil which make it going extra deep and more adequate target.

Four pre-programmed detection

There are four detection modes and each program modes contain an optimum target setting encouraging you to stay a longer period of time in the field.

Why you should buy the Minelab Safari Pro-Pack?

1. Ultra 11 inches lightweight double D coil with secure high depth of sensitivity.

2. 4 pre-programmed hunting modes

3. -10 to +40 discrimination modes

4. A Mechanized and manual control system

5. Target volume can adjust from the user’s preference


  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof coil
  • Noise cancel
  • Accurate detection
  • Extreme sensitivity


  • Expensive

3. White’s MXT All Pro Metal Detector

The White’s MXT All Pro Metal Detector first time launched in the market in 2002. Since its foundation has been promising outstanding performances to hunt gold that’s why it is still a popular and indispensable metal hunter to users. This is one of the best gold detectors.

White's MXT All Pro Metal Detector

In addition, year after year it has been updating its features which can make easier to find gold included. Moreover, it is a versatile detector because it would not only find gold but it would also find near everything.

The White’s MXT All Pro Metal Detector is commonly popular to find gold as well as jewelry, relics, coin, and nuggets.

Best features of White’s MXT All Pro Metal Detector

It is one of the jacks of all trade in the best gold hunter because it is having through three in one metal detector. Like you will play with all-new keypad, high-efficiency backlight, and ground grab setting lock.

This is legendary and well popular for this outstanding feature offering in MXT series.

Furthermore, this popular metal detector comes with a 10 inches search coil.

Preset programs

It has three different programs that give you differentiate the target programs into the display, and audio response for jewelry, coin, and relics, producing three different sounds to separate and identify the target.

Customized and audio performances

It has earned extreme sensitivity and depth. Threshold encourages users to detect only slight hum or listen to the only sound for target identification. The dual function is for different each program.

Search coil

MXT has a powerful doubled search coil which is a deep detection proving 10 inches search coil, VDI range of -95 to +95 and three adjust control, gain, threshold, and dual.

Why you should buy the White’s MXT All Pro Metal Detector?

1. New features proved that legendary performances

2. Double control functions for each program

3. 3 separate programs offer different target response for each item

4. 7 tones telling a different type of target before digging


  • Durable metal detector
  • Easy to use
  • User-friendly
  • Adjust control
  • Automated ground balance
  • Backlit display


  • Expensive

4. Best Gold Metal Detector: Fisher Gold Bug-2

The Fisher Gold Bug-2 Metal Detector is one of the oldest and legendary metal detectors which have been working on gold nuggets prospecting, since its foundation. This metal hunter specially creates to hunt slug. From then that it becomes the best gold hunter.

Fisher Gold Bug-2 Metal Detector

Moreover, comparing to the other metal detectors on the market, it is promising high frequency and extreme depth sensitivity, which makes this gold hunter very useful in several conditions.

The Fisher Gold Bug-2 Metal Detector is the best gold metal detector. This gold metal detector offers extra sensitivity as well as high sensitivity. Iron discrimination, dust and moisture resistance, and audio boost with a three mineralization switch.

Best features of Fisher Gold Bug-2 Metal Detector

One of the top and foremost features is the frequency which has an extremely high-frequency level with 71 kHz. In the market, no other companies have not offered and this slug niche frequency which could not get from other single frequency.

Moreover, it has the most powerful discrimination level which rejects both iron piece and hot rock that makes Fisher Gold Bug-2 Metal Detector is more productive and widespread.

Audio signal

The audio signal is very effective to raise weak signals from potentially valuable. For this reason, it is improvised the sound capability based on the target items and valuable items.

Discrimination level

This feature makes it more productive and extensive because the discrimination level is capable to reject unwanted items iron pieces and hot rocks. So you save your time and focus on handy items.

Search coil

The Fisher Gold Bug-2 Metal Detector has 10 inches standard search coil. This search coil is able to find every gold nugget here and there.

Why you should buy the Fisher Gold Bug-2 Metal Detector?

1. 71 kHz high operating frequency

2. Fully protection from dust and moisture

3. Several options for audio function

4. The sensitivity level is adjustable

5. This metal is charged by 9 v batteries included with the kit


  • Three compatible coils
  • Five years warranty
  • Audio signal boost
  • Reject trash and hot iron
  • Protected from dust and moisture


  • Old model

5. Best Gold Metal Detector: XP ORX

The XP ORX Metal Detector is the world’s first wireless metal detector connected with LCD remote, headphone, coil, and common pinpoint system. Moreover, it is the best gold metal detector. This metal detector is a mid-range metal detector developing too many detectors’ who need a mid-range metal detector to use for them.

Best gold metal detector XP ORX

Furthermore, it is user-friendly including advanced features and affordable prices with this range of metal hunters.

The best gold metal detector can choose for gold prospecting or either coil, jewelry, and relics.

Best features of XP ORX Metal Detector

This is the most popular metal detector because it introduced the first time wireless system in a metal detector. Not only XP ORX Metal Detector is offering wireless system but it is also offering some viable features which will meet your expectations.

This metal hunter is comprised of ultra-light telescopic, salt mode, XP DEUS factory programs, and so on. The wireless system provides clear sound just like your radio, or TV or your computer.

XP MI-6 waterproof wireless

This is the advance setting system, XP MI-6 providing 6 meter waterproof. It is the world’s first connected pinpointer, producing audio output to the ORX headset.

XP DEUS factory program

It has 2 gold, 2 coin, and 2 custom program modes. In addition, coin hunting is extremely deep and fast. Gold hunting is also as well. Users can set the modes with customs settings.

Salt mode

Users can change the ground balance to accomplish the salt mineralization. This feature is really indispensable for saltwater because hunting gold in saltwater sometimes creates cautiousness.

Why you should buy the XP ORX Metal Detector?

1. It has a range of advance features

2. Wireless technology

3. Double D search coil which is necessary to hunt gold

4. Higher frequency level from 13 kHz to 59 kHz finding treasures.

5. Preset programs for 2 coins, 2 gold, and 2 customize

6. It is lightweight that’s why great metal hunter for elder people


  • Affordable price
  • Easy to use
  • Handy features
  • Waterproof search coil
  • Lightweight
  • 21 frequencies
  • 90 hours of battery life


  • Many features make it complicate

Best Beginner Metal Detector

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