Finding the treasure is one of the best feels ever, but if you are an explorer and love to find the coins then you must need the best metal detector for coins. However, it is quite challenging for an individual to find the best metal detector for coins, jewelry, relics, and other metals.

If you are struggling to find the best metal detector for coins then this article is going to be the best solution for you. I am going to mention some of the best metal detectors for coins that will help you a lot to find the best one that great matches your needs.

1. GER DETECT Gold Hunter Metal Detector

GER DETECT Gold Hunter is one of the best metal detectors for hunting gold. It highly prefers for professionals because it is good at finding large treasures and old treasures where it skips small treasure.

GER DETECT Gold Hunter is an excellent hunter of gold, treasures, and valuable items. However, it is good at coin hunting and the best metal detector for coins.

GER DETECT Gold Hunter Best metal detector for gold

It has a language setting modes which can set in four different ways, like English, French, German, and Arabic. Once you have selected any language, the program will start offering the modes.

However, professionals always look for big treasure rather than the small one, and this is only good at finding large treasures and ancient valuable items.

How does GER DETECT Gold Hunter work?

When you set your language, it will finalize and set the detection process, and the detector will send the message and receive special frequencies to detect. Furthermore, automatically, it receives the target and locates it in the control box, once the receiver reaches the target it will start circulation. The best part of GER DETECT Gold Hunter can be depth up to 35 meters underground.

Best features of GER DETECT Gold Hunter

GER DETECT Gold Hunter is comprised various kind of features, and these are all popular features which they been offering, which are discovered treasure, five search system, ten years manufacturer warranty, and explore anywhere which mean any kind of area it can find treasure.

It is the high and professional detector that’s why it offers you to search for multiple terrains. This dual function can the depth up to 35 meters and 2000/6500 depth in case of long-range target locating.

Moreover, it offers 10 years warranty which is a manufacturer if anything makes you bother then you can get a new one within 15 days without any kind of hassle. It is one of the best metal detectors for coins.

Treasure discovery

This is good at gold hunting as well as old treasure. It is designed to detect from gold, silver, coins, jewelry to older relics, old treasure and larger treasures.

It locates the right product from any depth because it is capable of depth up to 35 meters and 2000/6500 in case of larger items that will blow your mind with this performance.

Five search modes

Gold, gold nugget, silver, cavity, and diamond can be differentiated when you select the items in the search system and its extreme superpower maximize efficiency and discriminate against the treasure that you are looking for.

Explore anywhere

This extreme and professionals metal offer finding multiple terrains that can be fitted anywhere; it is well suited to Industrial detects Hobby detector, underwater detector, Depth detector, and Ground-water detector. It can go onto extreme depth 35m. But, when it found large treasure it can go 2000/6500 feet to find treasure.

Why GER DETECT Gold Hunter is the best?

1. The device comes with deep seeking technology which means if you are an archeologist or a treasure hunter perhaps it is going to be one of the best metal detectors for you.

2. The GER DETECT offers five search systems such as long-range, 3D image, logic, cavity detection, and magnetometer which means it is a one-stop solution for all types of findings.

3. It has a great ability to locate metals from up to 40 meters which are quite impressive.

4. It allows the user to control the device in two ways such as the touch system as well as the keyboard system.

GER DETECT Gold Hunter Specifications

Item Name GER DETECT Gold Hunter
Package Dimensions14 x 12.3 x 8.6 inches
Item Weight3.99 pounds
ManufacturerGer Detect
DistanceUp to 2,000 meters
LanguagesGerman –English - French – Arabic.


  •             Extreme depth performer
  •             Five different search modes
  •             10 years manufacturer warranty
  •             Four different languages setting modes
  •             Good performances for the big treasure
  •             Good at gold hunting
  •             Fit for any ground


  •             Bad at hunting small treasure

2. HAIFENG Metal Detector

Well, we bring another best metal detector for coins. It can hunt many metal items, but it is specialized for hunting coins. Coin hide into some unrecognized places, and Haifeng metal detector is designed to detect that kind of place.

It has an adjustable sensitivity with sensitive control that’s why it can detect any kind of metals from anywhere even it is committed to capturing right metals.

Best metal detector for coins

Moreover, the coin is found in a beach arena and it is doing tremendous performances in this area.

HAIFENG Metal Detector is offering the best possible metal detector to find coins and other metal which are given below.

Best features of HAIFENG Metal Detector

It is the best metal detector for the coin. For this reason, it offers those kinds of features which will come in handy in case of hunting metal. Furthermore, it does not only blow your mind with coins hunting but it would also make you comfortable in case of hunting other metals.

It has an adjustable sensitivity even it could go up to 10m depth. In addition to having an amazing coin hunter can exclude iron which is single exclusion. Well, key features are depicting below.

Easy to use

HAIFENG Metal Detector generates for beginners but it provides amazing performances in case of hunting metals, iron, coins, and so on. For this reason, it is very much comfortable and beginners’ first choice to hunt with this but the popularity of HAIFENG Metal Detector makes professional hunters to hunt with this.


It has an adjustable sensitivity and also sensible control. Though it is for beginners’ choice that’s why its sensible control is to easy to use, and it is user-friendly.

Detection indication

It has an LCD and an audio alert system. These combinations make this metal great again as an audio alert system produces a sound which has shown in a display. Moreover, it is a waterproof that’s why it also performs the same in shallow water as like as ground.

Why HAIFENG Metal Detector is the best metal detector for coins?

1. The HAIFENG Metal Detector is highly sensitive which plays a pivotal role locate the coins and other metals fast, even if the littlest target.

2. It is suitable for all conditions such as indoors, outdoors, sand, and soil. You can use the detectors to find the coins, gold, jewelry, with great speed and high accuracy.

3. Unlike any other metal detectors in the market, the HAIFENG is very easy to use and it is completely waterproof.

HAIFENG Metal Detector Specifications

Item Weight10.9 ounces
ower supply9V battery (not included)
Dimensions28 * 4.5 * 2.2cm
Sensitivity distance 6-7cm


  •             Waterproof
  •             LCD
  •             Very easy to control
  •             Easy to operate
  •             Adjustable sensitivity
  •             Best for coins hunting
  •             Warrant and support


  •             Not worthy for professional

3. Jestik White’s MX Sport Metal Detector

It is one of the reliable metal detectors at the phenomenon with producing extreme performance in treasures hunting. It hunts many treasures but it is doing an amazing job in case of hunting coins because it is the best metal detector for coins.

Best metal detector for coins

It introduced their first metal detector in 2016, and from that day it is the best choice for professionals in hunting coins. It offers so many complicated features even it is hard to use for a beginner that’s why professionals get used to it.

Furthermore, it is expensive. It is ruling the market for around 4 years because of its unique features. Take a look at majestic white features.

Best features of Jestik White’s MX Metal Detector

Jestik White’s MX Sport Waterproof Metal Detector is deepwater and underwater because it is designed for that. It can deep to 3 meters or 9/10 feet.

Furthermore, it can detect almost everything because its frequency level is to 13, 8 kHz, and 20 different sounds producing while detecting and identifying metals. It is updated from their previous metal hunters.

Adding new features would may crucial for a long time hunter because it maximizes little weight in this series. However, now you will get full waterproof metal hunters, including coil, the plug connection, and the power block.


This is the function that makes Jestik White’s MX Sport Waterproof Metal Detector the best metal detector for coins. It allows the coins to you and regulates the sounds varying on the proximity of the coil to the accurate target. Well, it means that when metal close to the target it maximizes the sounds to make you clearer that coin is here.

Rejection volume function

This features also included this series. It helps you to listen to the signals and enable to the target by the rejection, just make you ensure that you will not miss anything by this.

Varieties hunt program

It has 6 different metal hunt programs that mean you set the function, sit back and relax when it finds anything in your desiring it makes a sound to grab the metals. This kind of feature makes it more useful and more favorable to the professional metal hunters.

Why Jestik White’s MX Sport Waterproof Metal Detector is exceptional?

1. It accompanies Salt Track that permits checking the degrees of salt in the dirt and manages the hunt settings relying upon this angle.

2. The Rejection Volume capacity of the gadget empowers to tune in to the signs given by the dismissed targets, just to err on the side of caution and ensure you don’t miss any items on the area.

3. It comes with a high-quality battery that allows you to search up to 20 hours continuously which is quite impressive.

4. Most importantly, it comes with an automatic setting that depends on the soil type which means you do not have to change the setting manually for different soil conditions the device will do that automatically.

Jestik White’s MX Specifications

Item Name White's MXSport Metal Detector
Product Dimensions44 x 9 x 12 inches
Item Weight4 pounds
ManufacturerWhites Electronics
Batteries8 AA batteries required. (included)


  •             Waterproof
  •             Varieties function
  •             Detection indication
  •             6 adjustable hunt programs
  •             Adjustable ground balance
  •             11 inches hand towel
  •             9.5 inches brass coin probe


  •             Playing crucial in long searches for maximizing weight

4. INTEY Metal Detector

INTEY Metal Detector is one of the best metal detectors with a cheap price giving lots of features, where every feature helps you tremendously finding treasures.

At this time, its sales with an offer price so don’t be a delay to grab this one. If you are looking best metal detector having useful features for coins with a low price then it would be a wise decision for you.

Well, I am going to elaborate its substantial features below to make me feel greedier to buy because it consists of lots of features that no other metal will give you with this price.

Best features of INTEY Metal Detector

It has an LCD screen that shows the depth of the treasures, indicates the battery if it is low, type of Meta, the weight of the treasure. It has an amazing sensitivity to find any useful metals from your yard. The waterproof search coil with foldable search coil is meticulously finding treasure in outdoor.

Moreover, this amazing waterproof coil suits on the beach and lakes. So, you don’t have to worry about this metal is it cheap or expensive because which features are comprised of expensive metal the same features you will get in this metal, including discount price.

There are key features are depicting below and hoping that you will understand why I mentioned it is the best metal detector for coins.

LCD screen

This is one of the most amazing features with a budget because it offers expensive metal. It is easy to use, and you can see everything on an LCD. With the help of this, you can easily discriminate the useful metal, which you should grab and which you should throw it away.

So you can save your time. Furthermore, it indicates the battery if it is low, metals weight, size.

Two Modes

It has two modes which are DISC and all metals. DISC will enhance your detecting efficiency and ignore metal which you don’t want. All metal modes can be detected while sensitivity can reach the maximum level in the modes.

Adjustable shaft

INTEY Metal Detector is designed with ergonomic and accordance. And, this metal is easy to use even also a comfortable metal detector. It is beginners and adults both feeling comfortable.77cm to 109cm adjustable shaft extends that’s why from any different height easily can use.

Why you should buy the INTEY Metal Detector?

1. Intey metal finder is made without breaking a sweat of utilization. Gathering and utilizing this metal identifier is simple.

2. This is a minimal effort metal locator that you can appreciate utilizing. It is wonderfully planned and performs precisely. It is precise and accompanies the two pursuit modes.

3. This metal detector is likewise ready to locate the specific area of metal. Moreover, it has a light-producing diode (LED) light which consistently cautions you when metal is recognized; along these lines, you will at no time miss it.

4. Intey metal finder has an auto ground control balance which guarantees that each sign you get implies the metals that you are searching for. It likewise works in all territories.

INTEY Metal Detector Specifications

Item Name INTEY Metal Detector
Package Dimensions21 x 9.2 x 7 inches
Item Weight5.55 pounds
Waterproof CoilYes


  •             The waterproof and foldable search coil
  •             High sensitivity
  •             The LCD screen with battery indicator
  •             Two search modes
  •             Easy to use
  •             Prefer for both seniors and juniors
  •             Easy and clear display
  •             Three audio tone


  •             Batteries are not included that requires a 9-volt battery

5. Fisher F75+ Metal Detector Bundle Package

Are you looking for relic hunting? Are you looking for beach hunting? Are you looking for coin shooting? If you say yes then my answer is you are in the right place. Without a second thought, you can grab a fisher 75+ metal detector because they offer all of this what are you looking for.

It is not only best for relic hunting, beach hunting, and coin shooting, it is also best for their amazing features. However, it is doing better performance coin shooting rather than other metals.

Fisher 75+ metal detector

This is one of the metals which offer all of the facilities within this little amount of money to meet your all expectation. Moreover, it is for all beginner and professional but professionalism places high priority for it.

Well, I am going to demonstrate fisher 75+ metal detector features, pros, and cons. So, you can significantly understand.

Best features of Fisher 75+ metal detector

A feature of fisher 75+ metals is offering 5 years warranty with 2 years transferable warranty coupon. Furthermore, it is a better performance in a high-E.M.I environment even though it has a better separation quality which makes you full comfort as a beginner to senior. This is the best metal detector for coins.

Fisher 75+ metal has  superficial features which will blow your mind because every feature offer a different aspect, which are LCD Serialization Large, LCD Screen, Fully Adjustable Arm Rest, 4 Levels of Fe Tone (2F, 2h, 2L, 1N), Notch and Discrimination Controls, intuitive Menu-Driven User Interface

Large LCD Screen

This large LCD screen shows you target identification, target confidence, and target depth even also its digital shielding technology (DST) is newly included in this screen to enhance the target.

When you go to sea or industry finding relics, jewelry, and gold with this large LCD screen then you won’t miss anything near to you because its powerful ability helps you to find everything.

Double-D Waterproof Search Coil

Waterproof is important because hunters don’t stop hunting for bad weather. However, when Double-D waterproof search coil remains in the fisher 75+ metal it means it is more protective and environment-friendly. You can go with it anywhere in bad weather, and you can find jewelry in-depth water.

Double-Filter Discrimination

For this discrimination mode, it saves you time and prevents to find unnecessary products. You can set a mode what are you looking for, and it will show your screen even also when it captures your exact products then it makes a sound.

The best part of this, it indicates you whether you can find the relics, jewelry or gold if it sees anything like that it will make you concern.

Why the fisher 75+ metal is the best?

1. The device comes with three new levels of Fetone such as iron audio off, low and medium.

2. It also offers an adjustable audio pitch in the discrimination mode.

3. The device equips with an LCD display to shows the result of target identification.

4. The metal detector is ideal to hunt the coins and relics.

Fisher F75+ Specifiucations

Item Name Fisher F75+
Package Dimensions25.2 x 16.2 x 6 inches
Item Weight7.8 pounds
Batteries4 AA batteries required.
FeToneIron Audio Off, Low or Medium


  •             Large LCD screen
  •             Fully adjustable armrest
  •             Fisher 11inch coil cover
  •             12″ carbon steel digging Tool
  •             30 hours of battery life


  •             Complicated functions

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