Gold is one of the most precious metals on the planet and finding the gold nuggets is one of the most exciting hobbies. If you love to find the gold then you must need the best metal detector for gold that is particularly manufactured for finding gold.

However, finding the best metal detector for gold is not a piece of cake, because you need expertise and brief research to find the best one. In addition, there are many people who have a dream to find the gold nugget, but they fall behind because of a lack of knowledge and expertise. They don’t know how to choose the best metal detector for gold.

Well, if you are feeling the same and looking for the best metal detector for gold, then it is needless to say that you have got the right article. I am gonna review some of the best metal detectors for gold which is specially made to find the gold, even if the smallest one.

If you are excited to find gold or have a dream to explore or treasure hunt then you will be able to pick the best gold metal detector from here. On the other hand, to come up with a conclusion that what is the best metal detector for gold in the market, wasn’t easy for me.

I and my research team had to go through a week of research and tested a bunch of metal detector then I have found only ten best metal detector for gold that stands out and meets all the criteria that can be considered as the best.

So, if you are looking for gold and ancient metals become part of a hobby for some people and some people take it as an addiction also some people make a carrier on it because gold and ancients metals are in demand in a market. So, if you want to be a part of any of them then this is the best article for you.

I strongly believe that any of the products below will be able to meet your requirements.

1. Minelab GPZ 7000 Gold Nugget Metal Detector

Minelab 7000 nugget metal detector is one of the best metal detectors for gold on our list. It has astounding features that will blow your mind. Not only it makes you happy with the features but it would also make you happy with adequate performances.            

For a beginner, I must say it would be a wise choice to grab Minelab 7000 because it won’t disappoint you if you look for gold in the right place. Furthermore, it offers you comfort zone with three different ground rejections automatic, semi-auto, and fixed.

best metal detectors for gold Minelab GPZ

The most important part for a beginner is soil adjustment which is giving you good command through three different ways normal, difficult, and severe. So, you can bring Minelab 7000 anywhere whether you would love digging for gold.

Best Features of the Minelab 7000

If you place a high priority of tremendous frequency, long-lasting battery, and safety then it would be a wise option for you as it is comprised of all of the features that you are looking forward to.

Our research team had done primary questioner on beginners going to buy metal detectors. Most of the respondents prefer battery durability and waterproof metals, which remain in a Minelab 7000. Here, we are elaborating on these metal features to make proper ideas adeptly.

Higher frequency

This radical new ZVT technology finding gold at any depth outdistances GPX detectors for digging out large number nuggets. The GPZ 7000 housing is surely underpinning to their earlier Minelab CTX 3030 model because they are meticulous to the customers’ preference.

Battery strength

You may wonder, Minelab 7000 has a slightly large battery which has twice the capacity of the battery on the CTX 3030. The great news is, you can use the same charger port like others, and even these are compatible as you can also use the smaller CTX battery on the GPZ 7000.

Adequate protection

Moreover, Minelab 7000 is fully covered by weather protection which means it keeps your detectors safe any kind of bad weather, and the GPZ 14 coil is completely waterproof to the one meter.

Recently, the coil has offered you two coils the stock 14″ x 13″ GPZ 14 Super D coil, and the 19″ x 18″ GPZ 19 coil. The coil is to come with a remarkable sensitivity combination which helps you to find out small gold and depth one.

Why is the Minelab 7000 a great buying option for you?

The Minelab GPZ features are so convenient to use and its LCD menu system is allocating with GPS tracking and PC mapping options. Another point is to mention that the screen option is able to control the metal detector setting, while another set controls the absorbed GPS tracking and mapping systems.


  • Good use of money
  • Very convenience to use
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Good command of tune adjust
  • No audio boost


  • Large battery
  • No pinpoint mode

2. Garrett Metal Detectors Ace 300 Metal Detector, GAR1141150

The Garrettace 300 is another best metal detector for gold, which you can be used everywhere. This metal is instructional to begin your journey to find gold or ancient metals. If your first language is English or Spanish then it would be vital for you because it is able to understand these two languages.

However, before going to buy a metal detective, money is a matter as it costs the average amount of money. Is it really worth an investment?

Garrett Ace 300 the best Metal Detector for gold

If any type of question arrives in your mind then answer is yes because this Garrettace 300 gives you a price, including the basic accessories which meet the requirements for beginners.

Simply, you can flick a switch to specific search mode what actually you are looking for knowing your preferences. This model has five different choose from which are jewelry, custom, relics, coins, and no discrimination. So, you don’t have to grab unnecessary items, while getting the right products of your ascertain.

Best Features of the Garrett Ace 300

This deluxe Garrett300 metal detector comes with a submersible search coil with varieties necessary accessories.

It is one of the best metals detectors products which are comprised of the large coil and offers you different search options and audio modes with some free accessories to make you more comfortable to use. It has enough depth ability to find your necessary products.

You will be flabbergasted because as a beginner you need easy to use; you need comfort which all of it is. Moreover, its different search options make it more popular to the users.

Large coil

The Garrettace 300 has a large 7 x 10-inch finding coils for better depth with discrimination which could run an 8 kHz that you can easily adjust. 8 KHz is pretty much depth if you listen to everything then you will find your expecting objects.

However, beginners always experience difficulty with high depth metals. So, this 8 kHz is enough over a good command and well balancing. For instance, if you drop your jewelry in freshwater then you can easily find by the strong coil as it is submersible.

Varieties of search options

This five different search option is comprised jewelry, custom, relics, coins, and no discrimination will blow your mind, and make you more comfortable, where you don’t have to take your time looking for necessary products. You just need to choose an option that you want to look for.

As a beginner needs everything in control, Garrettace 300 is easy to use so that you don’t go through any hard time for using this.

Different audio modes

Good to know that Garrettace 300 offers three different audio modes, low, medium, and high. For this reason, you can start beginning the dig without uncovered. These variation options will blow your mind, simultaneously it protects your Ear from the bad sound.

Free accessories

It won’t disappoint you with a price and gives you three free accessories which are headphones, a search coil cover, and an ACE environmental cover-up. These products are needed for anywhere whenever you start digging for gold or metals or anything.


  • 5 different search options
  • 3 different audio tune
  • The ideal choice for beginner
  • Friendly user
  • Adeptly depth indicator


  • Lower ground balance
  • Stay away from saltwater

3. Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector

The Bounty Hunter TK4 is another best metal detector for gold which has a great ability to meet your expectations. Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector which is best for Detecting the sight of all metals to include gold, silver, brass, aluminum, iron, and steel is the beginner’s presence. Moreover, detecting coin 8 inch up to 2 feet deep is the bounty hunter TK4 Tracker ability.

Most of the people choose it for detecting ability and verities mode operation. If it couldn’t meet your requirements then don’t worry about this. This company offers other staff who might meet your expectations.

Best metal detector for gold Bounty Hunter TK4

We did the same things like others; we went to the people using metal detectors door to door and asked them about metal detectors to know about the proper idea which type of equipment should be comprised in a metal detector?

Most of the participants said that they look for higher detect ring ability, varieties modes. You will happy to know the Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector has all of this substantially.

Best features of Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector

This Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector will detect all of the necessary products of yours; it will detect metal from iron relics, coin, and household products and precious items, for instance, silver and gold by the powerful search modes.

This tremendous technology will inform you of what it found before grab it. So, it won’t waste your time finding the necessary products which you have been looking for.

Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector measures 28.2 x 10 x 6.2 inches and weighs 3.7 lbs. you will need a 9V battery to run this.

Waterproof search coil

The 8-inch search coil is fully waterproofed which it has and submersible. There is a little problem; it has no control box which could puzzle you right now. However, it wouldn’t be a big hinder if you stay away from large waves and stay close in freshwater.

Different search modes

Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector which is switchable has three different search modes- all metals, tone discrimination, and full discrimination. These switchable modes make you easier to find your necessary products.

Like, all metals work to detect everything and it obviously does, full metals discrimination ignore irons and low-value items, and tone discrimination cast various tone for each one.

Ground balance

This is one of the best sides of Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector, a divine ground balance. It is neutralized in freshwater as well as soil figuring out whether it is mineralizing or not. This is the best option for entry-level users for this high efficiency. This is a great use of saving your time and aggressiveness.


  • Great for beginner
  • Good use of money
  • Very convenience to operate
  • Higher sensitivity
  • Waterproof coil
  • Good automated ground balance
  • Cons
  • Bad volume
  • No pinpoint mode

4. Fisher F22 Weatherproof Metal Detector with Submersible Search Coil

Without any ignorance, the Fisher F22 is one of the metal detectors which offer amazing features, including an LCD screen. Before going to put in your bucket, you will see on LCD display what it detected.

If you are looking for the best metal detector for gold then it will be an ideal choice for you. It comes with everything that you need to explore the treasure.  So that you will have a clear idea and either you can take it or leave it.

Best metal detector for gold Fisher F22

The Fisher F22 which has a 9-inch coil with a waterproof and a rapid re-tune speed which means that you have found and rejected a signal whatever you can keep moving without fuss is reliable discrimination levels. The major plus point of fisher F22 is, it can easily reduce boredom and this is the only entry-level metal detector that is able to retune them quickly.

The Fisher F22 is quite special to us as it is an ideal choice for most entry-level users that’s why we took the survey of fisher F22 different way. We bought fisher F22 to the people who have been using different metal detectors then they grabbed this and started digging for 10 min after a certain time most of the respondents regretting themselves.

Why they had not informed before going to buy other metal detectors. So, we hope that you won’t make the same mistake.

Best Features of the Fisher F22

The fisher F22 turning on and go metal is easy to use and waterproof metal detectors. This superfast various modes operation with excellent target separation and easy to separate has a notch, pinpoint and excellent sensitivity.

This audio setting system is amazing; you can easily set the volume in your own way. Moreover, it is able to identify buried targets with 9-segments categories and a 0-99 numeric target id system.

It raised the 4 tone audio id system. For the waterproof, you don’t have frantic with worry wondering with fisher F22 because you can go anywhere with this. It doesn’t matter the place is wet or dry.

Various modes of operation

It has 4 different modes of operation Discrimination, Sensitivity, Notch and Pinpoints which all are powerful modes to easy to find your jewelry, coin, and gold or any kind of metals. These modes are strong and won’t disappoint you with superfast retune speed.

Sensitivity levels

The Fisher F22 has 10 adjustable sensitivity labels which make it easy to find everything and understand everything and you can set the modes up your own way. So, you will see everything on an LCD display. Moreover, it is a wise option for a beginner with this feature.

Tone audio-ID

The 4 tone audio-id is a helpful feature, and this audio id you can set to your preference. Is it great? Yes, these audio tones alert you whenever it finds your products.

For example, when you high this volume to find gold and bass for silver, you don’t have to look through on the screen its high sensitivity easily finding the target.

Measures ability

 -22 x 8 x 5 inches and weighs 2.3 pounds, for this reason, it finds every necessary product. The depth indicator measures how deep the product is, and the product is short or large. So, you can easily find big items without spending much time. You need 2 x AA batteries to operate the Fisher F22.


  • Waterproof search coil for any weather
  • Rapidly retune adaptability
  • Big and using the easy LCD screen
  • Varieties of discrimination modes
  • 4 tune audio
  • 10 powerful sensitivity


  • Lower ground balance

5. Tesoro Compadre Metal Detector

The Tesoro Compadre Metal Detector is one of the best metal detectors for gold and it is very simple to use. So, technophobe or kids or adults would grab this one without thinking twice. It has no complicatedness to operate and it won’t puzzle you with these features.

Best metal detector for gold Tesoro Compadre

If you have kids who have a great enthusiasm to find the treasure then it will be a fantastic option for them. It is the best option because kids look for a simple metal detector that won’t make into trouble while using, but including exclusive features. Now, I can ensure you that you won’t find any other product in the market like this.

Here, below, I am going to elaborate its top feature which will blow your mind and its pros and cons

Best features of Tesoro Compadre Metal Detector

Tesoro compadre offers more than it says. This metal detector is able to do something which, sometimes, others can’t. It is specialized for hunting coin, competition, and relics, but everything is doing without any entry knobs.

You can switch on the detector and take it into silent mode, motion the entire detector. the Tesoro compadre has had it all as a professional. Extra value is added which is, you will have a lifetime warranty for real.

This is waterproof but careful of its box because the box is not waterproof. So, that it could be damaged in a wet place.

Discrimination abilities

Tesoro is well popular for discrimination abilities. There is no difficulty and no confusion to find the real. You just need to turn on the discrimination option and sit back and relax, it is easy to find everything.


This amazing design is flabbergasted and it’s for all ages. The handle of the Tesoro compadre is so convenient for this beginner to adapt very easily. It offers varieties of colors. Furthermore, one of the colors will meet your requirements.


5.7 inch to 8-inch coil, you can choose which might be interesting to you. This bigger coil is the best coil because it’s cut down on the time searching arena, and this coil is best for junk area because it is good at discrimination.


  • Super efficiency target
  • Rapid recovery system
  • Making simplicity for one turning knob
  • Great discrimination modes


  • The single-tone for every object

6. Minelab GPZ 7000 All Terrain Gold Metal Detector GPZ 19″

Before going to buy any metal detectors, you should make sure that how deep you can go?

If you can go extreme deep then you won’t miss anything. Well, GPZ series can go 40% deeper and it is one of the best metal detectors for gold which is particularly designed to hunt gold nugget.

However, thanks to the ZVT new revolutionary of technology which is taking much deeper than it before. The best part of Minelab GPZ 7000 is, it suits all ground and deeper up to 40% going their previous series. Is it not wonderful? The Minelab is down the line of gold detection.

Minelab GPZ 7000

The GPZ 7000 is the super best metal detectors in the market and is able to find gold adeptly deeper than any other metal detectors in any other soil conditions. I believe that Minelab GPZ 7000 features will blow your mind.

Minelab GPZ 7000 included two amazing technology to go with the bandwagon at the phenomenon. They have been meeting customer expectations.

These are new gold technology and maximum gold recovery. I am going to elaborate on these amazing new technologies to make you more realizable.

New gold technology

ZVT series goes beyond every series than their previous even it’s a quantum leap in gold performance with breaking through update technology from Bruce Candy.

The revolutionary ZVT technology far surpasses, which finds gold from any depth detects any deep large nuggets.

Maximum gold recovery

We found gold extreme depth. With the power of sensitivity and the maximum depth, it flabbergasts your mind. Though Minelab GPZ 7000 doesn’t make gold it’s a power of sensitivity and high performance of extreme depth helping you to find real gold from any depth.

The best part of it, it automatically fits in the ground and tracks with severe soil conditions. You may think that extreme depth means terrible noise but it’s not because 256 cancel noiseless the atmosphere and produces smooth sound.

Best features of Minelab GPZ 7000

I have discussed two new features that Minelab GPZ 7000 newly updated. However, its powerful features will blow your mind because as a professional you don’t want to miss anything how deep it is? It doesn’t matter to you.

It offers plenty of features that are why your money will be worthy to invest in it.

Waterproof coil

The Minelab GPZ 14 coil is the waterproof and submersible depth of 3 Ft. with a 3 ft. you can easily go with its rivers and any wet or rainy ground.

This is shorelines and no fuss detecting in a river.

Comfortable functions

You don’t need any other hands to run the functions. It is so easy and you can accumulate all of this see the guide books. You will get everything in a map section. So, what are you waiting for? Just go and grab it and find the gold without any gold expert.

Wireless audio freedom

There is no restriction of using headphones you can use your favorite one because, with the WM 12, you have the freedom in-built-speaker.

GPS and PC mapping

GPS location will give you a clear idea of nuggets. Without wasting time, you can track the location and see where you are and start digging. You can also save your favorite spot on a google map.


  • Amazing technology and features
  • Smooth sound quality
  • Precision ground balance
  • Super gold sensitivity
  • Easy to use
  • Extreme performances in a deep


  • Weak of finding metals

7. Fisher F75+ Metal Detector Bundle Package

Are you looking for the best metal detector for gold? Are you looking for beach hunting or looking for coin shooting? If you say yes then my answer is you are in the right place. Without a second thought, you can grab a Fisher 75+ metal detector because they offer all of this what are you looking for.

Fisher F75+

It is not only best for relic hunting, beach hunting, and coin shooting, it is also best for their amazing features. This is one of the metals which offer all of the facilities within this little amount of money to meet your all expectation.

Moreover, it is for all beginner and professional but professionalism places high priority for it.

Well, I am going to demonstrate fisher 75+ metal detector features, pros, and cons. So, you can significantly understand.

Best features of fisher 75+ metal

A feature of Fisher 75+ metals is offering 5 years warranty with 2 years transferable warranty coupon. Furthermore, it is a better performance in a high-E.M.I environment even though it has a better separation quality which makes you full comfort as a beginner to senior.

Fisher 75+ metal has  superficial features which will blow your mind because each and every feature offer a different aspect, which are LCD Serialization Large, LCD Screen, Fully Adjustable Arm Rest, 4 Levels of Fe Tone (2F, 2h, 2L, 1N), Notch and Discrimination Controls, intuitive Menu-Driven User Interface

Best features of fisher 75+ metal detector

Fisher comes with a range of sophisticated features that made it one of the best metal detectors for gold in the market. Let’s see what are the top features of this incredible metal detector.

Large LCD Screen with 0-99 Numeric Target Identification Display

Its large LCD screen shows you target identification, target confidence, and target depth even also its digital shielding technology (DST) is newly included in this screen to enhance the target.

When you go to sea or industry finding relics, jewelry, and gold with this large LCD screen then you won’t miss anything near to you because its powerful ability helps you to find everything.

Double-D Waterproof Search Coil

Waterproof is really important because hunters don’t stop hunting for bad weather. However, when Double-D waterproof search coil remains in the fisher 75+ metal it means it is more protective and environment-friendly.

You can go with it anywhere in bad weather, and you can find jewelry in-depth water.

Double-Filter Discrimination Modes

For this discrimination mode, it saves you time and prevents to find unnecessary products. You can set a mode what are you looking for, and it will show your screen even also when it captures your exact products then it makes a sound.

The best part of this, it indicates you whether you can find the relics, jewelry or gold if it sees anything like that it will make you concern.


  •  Large LCD screen
  • Fully adjustable armrest
  • Fisher 11inch coil cover
  • 12″ carbon steel digging Tool
  • 30 hours of battery life


  • Complicated functions

8. XP ORX Wireless Metal Detector with Back-lit Display

The Garrett the gold metal detector is a perfect water gold prospecting metal and an unparalleled land that experiences depth label of water and well performs in all terrains.

This gold metal is one of the metals which meet all kind of requirements, recommended for-Prospecting, Coin, Jewelry, Cache Hunting, Relic Hunting, Organized Hunts, and Shallow Fresh Water Hunting.


It includes an 18 kHz frequency to increase the extreme depth ability finding relics, coin, jewelry, and cache hunting.

This Garrett Gold metal is a value of money. You will not disappoint what is offering you right now. So that we have asked, which metal detector is good in a tough position?

Then we have seen Garrett Gold metal enhancing a new all-terrain gold prospecting metal detector which is doing a tremendous performance in a wet environment and plays a significant role in the dusty environment.

Best Features of the Garrett Gold metal detector

It is one of the best metal detectors for gold in the market for deep seeking and is consisted of varieties of features that will flabbergast you with its amazing features. It is newly developing lots of features to meet your all requirements and give you a to z qualities in one metal.

Garrett Gold metal is highly recommended for prospecting, coin, jewelry, cache hunting, relic hunting. So, with a single metal detector, you will experience the high depth and tremendous performance on land and in the saltwater and freshwater with the Garrett AT, a gold professional metal detector.

This is designed to meet your all needs and treasure hunting. The best part of this, it is developed a new world-class standard for all class terrain metal detectors around the globe.

Best features of gold metal detector

All metal modes

True all-metal detection gives extreme deepest detection depth and adapts at the smallest nuggets. You will not miss anything when you search with the Garrett AT the gold medal. This high sensitivity will help you to find all the nuggets. It doesn’t matter nuggets large or small.

Digital Target ID

Now, in this global era, everything is going faster and easy. Why Garrett AT Gold metal lag behind. They developed a digital target id which indicates a target metal conductivity for the raised ability to distinguish targets from each and others that numerical scale from 0 to 99.

All Terrain

Garrett AT Gold metal detector which is designed for use in water, humid and nasty environment is extremely doing an amazing performance to find anything. This is the weatherproof detector and it can be immersed in 10 feet (3m) depth.

High-resolution target discrimination

This resolution discriminates iron, relic, jewelry, and gold that can be seen in LCD providing 40 points of irons resolution. Mostly, it separates the most precise things from iron trash.


  • Amazing instructions
  • Excellent performances for hunting small piece of nuggets
  • For all-terrain and environment
  • 18 MHZ frequency


  • Best suited fresh water only

9. Garrett ACE 400 Metal Detector with DD Waterproof Search Coil and Pro-Pointer AT

Now, we are going to talk about one of the best metal detectors in our checklist which is Garrettace 400 metal detectors. Why this is best? Because it is versatile, it offers all substantial features within the single metal.

The Garrettace 400 comprises advanced features, for instance, iron audio, digital target ID, and frequency adjust to boost you to find more treasures from trash.

Garrett ACE 400

It also includes with 8.5″ x 11″ PRO performance DD Waterproof Submersible Search Coil, Coil Cover, Garrett Pro-Pointer II Pinpointer, excellent Sound Headphones, Garrett ACE Environmental Cover-Up, Garrett Carry Bag, Adjustable Arm Strap, high voltage Batteries, and 2 years Warranty.

GarrettAce 400 is an ideal choice for relic hunting, coin hunting, jewelry, cache hunting, prospecting, and dry beach or fresh water hunting. So that it would be ideal for beginner and professional. If you want to take the opportunity to grab these treasures within a metal detector then it will meet your expectations within a lower price.

Best features of Garrettace 400

It offers tremendous features that could play a significant role to find your treasure. Some features will save your time, some features will make the value of money, and some features will discriminate the treasure from dust. Because it has some specifications which are,

Digital target ID- 0 to 99

It has iron audio features

It has an adjustable frequency

Included cam locks

Target ID cursor segments are 12

Iron discrimination segment is 4

It has notch discrimination

Search point is more than 5 pinpoint

Depth adjustment is 8 foot

It has electrical pinpoint

Frequency level is 10 kHz

Audio tone level ID is 3

It has a standard search coil with  8.5″ x 11″ doubleD pro performance

Best features are

New digital ID

This ID range is to 0 to 99 which segment and target information. Most of the metal is not getting used to it but GarrettAce 400 included this amazing feature for finding treasures very significantly and missing out the treasure from the dusty area.

Battery strength

This is one of the important and indispensable features because without battery strength you cannot go further even you are always frantic with worry wondering about the battery. So, this metal offers 2 years warranty even it can run 30 hours with one time plugged into.

New iron audio

This new tone iron audio is a super facial. It helps you to find treasure and alert to the mid-tone signal range. So that you can easily grasp the treasure where it is and find it significantly.


  • High voltage battery
  • Electrical pinpoint
  • Depth adjustment
  • Adjustable arm strap
  • Exclusive warranty


  • Small screen

10. Teknetics T2 Classic Metal Detector

Are you seeking for the best metal detector for gold? If you want then it would be a wise option for you because it offers cheaper features with meeting expectations. It has a 13 kHz VLF detector with great sensitivity and it has a big screen where everything can be seen on screen. So, it provides great value for money.

Teknetics T2 Classic

In the previous list, we have discussed high prices with great value. Now, in this, we are demonstrating a cheap price with great value. Why it is a great value of money? It offers every necessary feature to find jewelry, relic hunting, gold hunting, and treasures that’s why it is worthy of money.

Teknetics T2 is a stunning metal detector with a convenient to handle lightweight. For this reason, a beginner will not have into trouble with this. It is easy to control and excellent in-depth performances.

Best features of genetics T2 classic

Teknetics has a big screen with a low brightness which might disappoint you. However, it has a two-digit target ID with a simple menu system which could recover low light screen problem.

T2 provides varsities of features, including all metal and discriminate operating modes, manual ground balance, and a sensitivity setting. It has a powerful detection and very quickly discriminates treasures and also T2 providing extreme depth. It has the ability to go into 15-inch depth which is deeper comparing with the price of any metal.

If you want to hunt gold then it would be an ideal choice because it is good at for this, but I don’t prefer for relic hunting. So, those who want to hunt relic they should stay away from this.

Powerful detection

T2 detection power is super fast. Within a short time, it discriminates the items. You don’t have to waste so much time to hunt gold because a large LCD screen shown treasure even you will see a very short time, is it gold or anything.

Battery strength

This is one of the metals which not only offering value of price even also offering long-lasting battery. 40 hours! Yes, you heard it right. 40 hours of strength ability with 4-AA batteries support you and being patient on your job.

Manual option

Its Ground balance controls with by hand. So, you can easily cancel anything which is not a suitable item for you, and also you can easily monitor anything if you want.


  • Relatively cheaper
  • Best for gold hunting
  • Large LCD screen
  • Simple menu system
  • Double filter discrimination


  • Not a waterproof
  • No submersible coin

Best Metal Detector Shovel

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