Are you seeking for the best metal detector shovel? If you are then I have a piece of good news for you. Finding the best metal detector shovel is one of the hardest works because there are many are available in the market. It is quite tough for an individual to find the best one from the crowd. That Is why I have decided to write a review where I will mention some of the best metal detector shovels.

As a result, you will able to pick your desired one as per your necessity. It wasn’t an easy job for me to find the best detectors.

I had to go through brief research and I tested a bunch of metal detectors then I found some which stands out and appears to me as the best metal detector shovel. Let’s check out.

1. Cirocco Metal Detector

This is one of the best metal detector shovels. It is used for finding out losing metals, like coins, jewelry, relics, gold, silver and so on. Cirocco metal is 8.5 inches metal detector with the pinpoint kit. This metal comes with high sensitivity that’s why you can also find bottle caps, wrapping foil in case of finding.

Best metal detector shovel Cirocco

It is easy to use and jack of all trade because Cirocco offers three-tone audio discrimination, three operation modes, and many more useful features. Operation modes are all metal, notch, and DISC which is able to ignore dusty items and find necessary metals.

So, what are you waiting for? You can easily grab without thinking twice if you prefer the best metal detector shovel.

Best features of Cirocco metal detector

It provides amazing features as Cariocco has extreme sensitivity, super discrimination power. With this entire feature, it is worthwhile to buy. As we already mentioned it is super effective and best metal detector shovel. The features are demonstrating below.

Three Different audio modes

Good to know that Cirocco Metal Detector offers three different audio modes, low, medium, and high. For this reason, you can start beginning the dig without uncovered. These variation options will blow your mind; simultaneously it protects your Ear from the bad sound. It will help you to skip dusty and collect valuable items.

Discrimination abilities

Cirocco is well popular for discrimination abilities. There is no difficulty and no confusion to find the real. You just need to turn on the discrimination option and sit back and relax, it is easy to find everything.

Waterproof design         

Cirocco has a submersible coil which is 250mm. This long waterproof metal could go extreme depth to find nuggets without any kind of obstacles. This could go through shallow water.

Moreover, it has a waterproof headphone jack that could able to avoid junk or any kind of obstacle as it has 3.5 mm.

LCD screen

This large LCD screen shows you target identification, target confidence, and target depth even also its digital shielding technology (DST) is newly included in this screen to enhance the target.

When you go to sea or industry finding relics, jewelry, and gold with this large LCD screen then you won’t miss anything near to you because its powerful ability helps you to find everything.


  •                 Low battery indication
  •                 Easy to use
  •                 All material devices
  •                 LCD display
  •                 Submersible coil
  •                 Headphone jack
  •                 waterproof


  •                 For high sensitivity, it may detect bottle caps

2. Sugoyi Metal Detector

We got another best metal detector shovel. The best possible and effective ability feature of this, it is 98 feet waterproof design, it can detect on land or any kind of soil. This is special for underwater and rain. It has an LED lighting system that allows you and indicates the detection of the metal.

Sugoyi Best Metal Detector shovel

Well, this metal widely uses in public places for security infection, police detection, diving search, and expert archeology.

Furthermore, it is a brand new which is a metal detector and offers two different colors black and yellow.

Getting a more clear idea, you should look through its tremendous features. These are given below.

Best features of Sugoyi Metal Detector

In the case of detecting metal items, features are a really useful task. Without a good feature, a metal detector couldn’t find the right metal at the right time. So, here is the best metal detector shovel offering you to tremendous features to find the useful metal ignoring junk.

This metal detector is easy to use, waterproof up to 98 feet, buried in the right place and selects the right target. This convenience metal detector can be used by beginner and professional. Here are, each and every features helps you to detect rightfully.


This amazing design will blow your mind and it’s for all ages. The handle of the Sugoyi is so convenient for this beginner to adapt very easily. It offers two colors black and yellow. Furthermore, one of the colors will meet your requirements.

LED indicator

This is a super cool feature because this allows you to detect any kind of metals very easily with indication light and it will vibrate when it finds any metal. So that it will not make sound pollution.

Target specified

It has super target ability where it starts digging, it will find the metal. It doesn’t indicate you whether is not finding any metals.


It is one of the ultimate satisfaction because it offers 98 feet waterproof reason. For this reason, it produces more accuracy and more ability to find metal on a rainy day.


  •                 98 feet waterproof
  •                 color selection
  •                 LED indication
  •                 Easy to use
  •                 Choose the right target
  •                 Automatic adjustment


                Very newly appointed in the market

3. Qnlly Metal Detector

Well, we found another best metal detector shovel; the name of this is Qnlly Metal Detector. This metal detector is good at digging gold. It has a high sensitivity search coil that can search coil, silver, gold, and jewelry.

Qnlly Metal Detector

The Qnlly Metal Detector is designed for both beginners and professionals that’s why it sets up the features very comfortably. So, that both users find it easy to detect metals.

The Qnlly Metal Detector made from aluminum and ABS plastic that’s why its weight is not making your burden to carry. It is worthwhile to buy. I am going to discuss the amazing features given below.

Best features of Qnlly Metal Detector

It has been offering outstanding features since it was established to meet the customer’s requirements. It has an amazing sensitivity coil which does better performances in the ground.

Moreover, it has no restricted ground, it is widely used in any ground to find metals. This is not only best for amazing features, but it is also the best metal detector shovel.

It saves your time in case of detecting metals because it offers an alert system when it grasps anything near to the metal detector producing sound to grab this and make you understand that something is here. Furthermore, it has a headphone jack. Well, I am going to depict the key features of Qnlly Metal Detector.

Headphone jack

It gives you a headphone jack which will help you to avoid junk and find the real one. Moreover, the headphone connection is also easy to use as mono and stereo are used. So, you don’t have to frantic with worry wondering about this headphone section.

Detection indication

It is also good at detecting the right product because it has a detection indication that works with an audio alert to point out the right product in a selection arena.

Adjustable height

We already mentioned it is for both experts and beginners that’s why it is made from aluminum and ABS to make it perfect weight. So, those users can use it comfortably from any stage and any height.

LCD screen

This large LCD screen shows your target identification, target confidence, and target depth.

When you go to sea or industry finding relics, jewelry, and gold with this large LCD screen then you won’t miss anything near to you because its powerful ability helps you to find everything.


  •                 Prefer for expert & beginners
  •                 Audio alert
  •                 Adjustable ground
  •                 Easy to use
  •                 Submersible coil
  •                 LCD display


  •                 It is not waterproof

4. Best Metal Detector Shovel Xuliyme

There is another best metal detector shovel. You will be happy because it offers free replacement and exchange money within one month if you are not satisfied and the shipping cost also gets. So, you obviously feel safe to buy. I hope after having Xuliyme, you will not feel like to replace it because it is comprised of super-effective features.

Xuliyme metal detector

It is the best choice for beginners as it is easy to use and meet all detection to need metal hunters. It can detect seven metal, jewelry, gold, coin, relics, iron, silver, and small nuggets.

Moreover, it is able to a depth of up to 7.1 inches. So after a little conversation, you may understand how effective these features for adults and junior.

Best features of Xuliyme Metal Detector

It is used a high-performance chip that is adopting American chip. And, we know that American chip can precisely perform and stability which any better product on the market. It has an amazing and comfortable handle where anyone can comfortable with this.

It is waterproof and the best metal detector shovel. The Xuliyme has no restriction field, it can be detected industry arena, it can detect on a beach, it can be detected lake, and anywhere you would love to go. Its super detecting ability and pinpoint target grab all necessary items.

Seven search modes

Gold, gold nugget, silver, relics, coin, jewelry, and diamond can be differentiated when you select the items in the search system and its extreme superpower maximize efficiency and discriminate against the treasure that you are looking for.

Explore anywhere

It is a waterproof metal detector even it has no restricted area. This extreme and adults & children metal offers to find multiple terrains that can be fitted anywhere; it is well suited to Industrial detects Hobby detector, underwater detector, Depth detector, and Ground-water detector.

LCD display        

It can go extreme depth and you can see on LCD backlight display. For this reason, you will be capable to ignore unnecessary item and collect valuable items. Furthermore, it has an operating mode and indicates if the battery is low on the monitor.


  •                 Waterproof
  •                 No restriction ground
  •                 Extreme sensitivity
  •                 LCD display
  •                 Audio alert
  •                 Easy to use


  •                 It is not well suited for professionals

5. RM RICOMAX Professional Metal Detector

It goes with an expert because it comes with brilliant features and technophile features. It is all metal modes that’s why you can search for anything.

Furthermore, there are three modes basically for discriminations; disc, pinpoint, and notch can be used to allocating the accurate target. You can also detect the extreme depth to accurate target by seeing LCD monitor which they have been offering.


As we mention, it is a jack of all trade for professionals because it offers high features and common features like others.

It provides high condition treasures without missing anything and without any details. The best part of the RM RICOMAX metal detector has not restricted any places whenever if you would like to go to wet places like beaches and streams. It is the best metal detector shovel.

Best features of RM RICOMAX

Not only it produces outstanding features but it would also easy to maintain because it has a waterproof search coil and with 10 inches. It is the best metal detector shovel and underwater metal detector.

The underwater metal detector is IP68 waterproof and this is connected with shaft. In addition, it made from aluminum that’s why it is superficial.

Now, I am going to demonstrate RM RICOMAX’s key features to give a more clear idea.

Three operation modes

It has three operation modes all-metal modes, disc modes, and pinpoint. All metal modes work like when it finds any metal it will inform you. Disc modes work like you can specify the metal from a bunch of metals. Pinpoint works like this will help you grasp metal by beeping.

LCD display        

It can go extreme depth and you can see on LCD backlight display. It is a 20 percent large display. For this reason, you will be capable to ignore unnecessary item and collect valuable items. Furthermore, 2 nine V is given.


This consists of a user-friendly metal detector. It is the dimension of 48/10/10 inches and gives a comfortable weight of 2.31 pounds which is perfectly suited for any height. 3.5mm headset is offering also. It gives all the freedoms to use very comfortably.


  •                 Easy to use
  •                 User-friendly
  •                 Perfect weight
  •                 Varieties of operation modes
  •                 Easy to maintenance
  •                 Refund policy
  •                 Waterproof


  •                 The battery is not included

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