Do you have a bounty hunter metal detector or planning to buy one, but don’t know how to use a bounty hunter metal detector?

No worry, I am going to teach you all the necessary things to know to use the bounty hunter metal detector.

Bounty Hunter manufactures high-quality and high-value metal detectors. These metal detectors are fitted with features usually only seen with a higher price tag on metal detectors.

If you are hunting for gold nuggets, coins, relics, or you are even hunting for a nail finder, Bounty Hunter has a product for you.

What is the Using Procedure of a Bounty Hunter Metal Detector?

i) You must set the search coil in motion over the target object for the computer to detect the object and emit a sound. Motion is necessary for the detector to automatically ground balance.

Both the soil and sand containing various amounts of minerals that occur naturally are various.

To differentiate between the naturally occurring ground minerals and metal, your metal detector constantly reads and averages the mineralization of the ground as you brush the search coil over the ground.

ii) After turning the unit on, flip the left knob, SENSITIVITY, 100 percent clockwise. Reduce sensitivity if the detector chatters or emits erratic sounds by turning the knob to the left. The detector will work well at the 2:00 or 3:00 spot.

iii) Because of electromagnetic interference, this adaptation is important. Electromagnetic fields are all emitted by home appliances, lighting fixtures, outdoor power lines.

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In the world, electromagnetic radiation exists naturally as well. Your metal detector produces its magnetic field, so to compensate for any interference, you need to change your sensitivity.

iv) You can use headphones for improving battery life and prevents the sounds from annoying bystanders. It also helps you to more clearly hear subtle changes in the sound, particularly while searching in a noisy area.

Don’t use headphones near traffic or where other hazards are present, for safety reasons. This system is intended to be used with cable/headphone interconnection cables shorter than three meters.

v) For household applications, such as locating property markers or missing items like keys or machine parts, you can use the all-metal mode.

How to buy the Best Bounty Hunter Metal Detector?

The Bounty Hunter Junior is optimal if you are looking for a starter detector for a kid. There is a shorter 30-inch pole in the junior model and it is light enough for children as young as 6 years old. Using the VLF Metal Detector or Fast Tracker, teenagers a little taller would do better. Consider the Tracker II, the Tracker IV, and the famous Commando with a camouflage pattern for a few more characteristics.

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For more seasoned detectors as well as beginners, the Bounty Hunter metal detector family provides a large range of detectors. Right out of the pack, all Bounty Hunter detectors are simple-to-use and come with assembly/instruction manuals.

Ground conditions impact detectors of metals. A general all-purpose machine would work just fine if you intend to look for dry-ground sites such as yards, parks, and playgrounds.

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If you are scouring beaches for missing coins and jewels, use water-proof coils from Bounty Hunter detectors that are suitable for shallow water. Salt-water beaches, but only in the wet sand region or the water, have mineralized conditions.

In dry salt sand, general-purpose detectors work perfectly.

What are the Importance Things of Bounty Hunter Metal Detector?

  • One of the most well-known in the sector is the Bounty Hunter metal detector brand. The Bounty Hunter metal detector line is a great choice, whether you are interested in buying your first metal detector or ready to move into a more serious detectorist.
  • Since Bounty Hunter produces a variety of metal detectors, a fun locating device made by the company can be purchased by detectorists of all budgets. Bounty Hunter not only makes excellent conventional metal detectors, but pinpoint probes are also developed by the company. This gives you the ability to install a pinpointer alongside your primary detector to your gear to locate the precise positions of hidden targets.
  • Detectorists can find a metal detector from Bounty Hunter to fit into their budgets. To bring treasure hunters and hobbyists into the metal detector world, the company produces low-priced products. Bounty Hunter also designs more advanced metal detectors that allow detectorists to develop and grow as their interest in the hobby increases. One of the key reasons you can buy a metal detector from Bounty Hunter is that it’s easy to use.

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