Do you want to know how to use metal detector raft? Yes, this article is all about teaching how to use the metal detector raft.

The player can locate the Islands for hidden treasures utilizing the metal detector. These produce several materials including golds, planks, scrap and rarer objects such as Tiki images, drawings by developers, cassette tapes and titanium ears.

The metal detector is triggered by pressing a left-click and show the distance from the dig site when the player is nearby, by flipping on a range of colourful lights from red to green.

The lights display distance and angle; red indicates the player is within a treasure radius, but far away becomes medium level is shown by yellow and green means that it is closed.

When the final green light is on the exact spot, the beeping turns into a flat sound.

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Whenever the Metal Detector tells, and not before, the real treasure is taken into the game. A player cannot then get lucky and pull out treasure at random. Digging upon this exact location of a cache until the metal detector is found would deliver nothing until it is placed on site.

As other raft products, the metal detector has a reliability indicator. During the active application of the object, its longevity is only depleted, and it has been detected. A new metal detector must always be installed until completely exhausted.

The raft is a Redbeet Interactive co-op adventure game on the sea. Several new elements have been included in the new version of chapter two. Explore new islands, build more and boost your raft. The battery charge has been one of the key things which everyone looked up to.

Below is a short battery charging guide about how metal detector and titanium ingot can indeed be collected.

Charger for Raft Battery

You must complete the entire study and take all notes in Caravan and Tangora Island to acquire a template for the battery charger. You might need to get a few things to look up until the battery charger is shown on your work desk.

I will be delighted to collaborate afterwards wherever you desire.

The titanium ingot for the investigation of the battery charger seems to be the key resource. You have to provide cardboard, scrap, circuit board and titanium ingot to produce your battery charger. The batteries require biofuel mostly as a resource and can charge two batteries at such a time.

The orange light turns green when the battery is loaded. The battery charger can sometimes be attached to the bio-fuel tank and connected to pipes.

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Raft Metal Detector Blueprint

In the caravan city, you notice the blueprint of the metal detector. You should go deep below the surface before you see a blue container when attempting to find the second zip line component.

The blueprint of such a metal detector is inside the jar. A metal detector is used to discover a treasure found on numerous islands.

Raft Ingot Titanium

Hold the left click to aim at the lights of the metal detector. Beat the floor with a shovel after the led light is completely maxed out, and objects like Tiki bits, designer pictures and titanium ore are to be found.

When the titanium ore you have is available, return to your ship and place the ore in the furnace. After that, you will have the titanium ingot which you can put in the research table to get many other new items.

A wide variety of needs and expertise are addressed by many metal detectors on the market. You can quickly conquer yourself or prefer someone who does better than you ought to do. The detector that meets your specifications will be used to pick the features you need.

For this reason, we have a team of experts on metal detection who can help you fit into the right detector and provide you with even more tips. Please get in touch and we’d be glad to support you!

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