Hey, you got the right article. You are here which means you are looking for the Most Expensive Metal Detectors. Isn’t it?

If you are a professional that you must need high-quality metal detectors that have a great capacity to hunt any type of metal from the depth and also suitable for any type of soil. However, extremely high-quality metal detectors cost a lot.

If you are looking for the most expensive metal detector then this article is going to be an incredible solution for you. I am going to reviews some of the most expensive metal detectors in the market that cost a lot at the same time provide uncompromising performance in any situation.

1. Most Expensive Metal Detectors AJAX DETECTION Gamma – Professional

We come up with the five most expensive metal detectors. AJAX DETECTION is one of them and it placed in our first position. The most expensive metal detector means it should be a professional metal hunter and offers all kinds of upgrade features.

Most expensive metal detectors :AJAX DETECTION Gamma

Well! AJAX DETECTION is a kind of metal detector that can detect in every ground as it can detect in industrial detectors, hobby detectors, underwater detectors, depth detectors, and groundwater detectors.

What’s more, you will get super effective features because it provides the value of the money. So I must say, your money will properly utilize to invest in it. Look through its expensive features to get proper information about it.

Best features of AJAX DETECTION Gamma Metal Detector

Features make it expensive. It has newly developed technology, the latest technology, manufacturer warranty, and it can explore anywhere. These features will make them more passionate about finding treasures.

Ajax Detection has some unique features which are newly applied and given the new era to find treasures because so many professional hunters have not seen anything yet.

Now I am going to depict these are features to make you feel greedier to grab this amazing metal hunter.


The newly developed technology included in this metal hunter. It is the latest technology which has the detection system and scanning system to detect voids, gold, and metals. This is a new technology that’s why it works with a new technique and modern electronic foundation.

Explore anywhere

Multitasking gamma technology allows users to do geological exploration and surveying in a wide range. It completes the searches very successfully. It has proven that 5 inches high-resolution color screen with professionals capable of exploring anywhere.

Updated technology

We have mentioned that this metal is comprised of all high modern technology. There are also 3 modern technologies in case of detection. The Gradiosmart system, live scan, and 3D ground scanner.


Take a look of AJAX DETECTION advantages

  • Modern technology
  • Manufacturer warranty
  • Multi-languages
  • Explore anywhere
  • Latest features


Take a look of AJAX DETECTION disadvantages


2. Most Expensive Metal Detectors Minelab CTX 3030

The Minelab CTX 3030 is one of the most expensive metal detectors in the market today. The device is a highly advanced modern performance treasure hunter, and it finds lost and hidden metal than other technology.

Most expensive metal detectors: Minelab CTX 3030

This metal hunter first introduced in the market in 2012 after that in 2016, it came up with a tremendous improvement technology. This improvement is finding gold and silver coins, gold jewelry, and a ring of gold, platinum, and silver, many with valuable diamonds, emerald, many rubies and many more.

There are some noticeable improvements that we are going to demonstrate. You are going to keep your eyes open of that CTX 3030 update version, included battery sand seal.

It is really mesmerizing that the company keeps enhancing its features to meet users’ requirements.

Best features of Minelab CTX 3030

It has modern technology and these features are able to detect all types of metal. This metal hunter will locate valuable metal objects in all soil types even a variety of mineralized ground conditions where another metal hunter cannot work like this.

Versatile features allow users to be more specific in the ground, it doesn’t matter the ground is soil or the ground is wet because it is a waterproof metal hunter.

Moreover, it is good at more specified the target compared to the other metal hunters. Just Take a look most expensive metal hunter’s vital features.

GPS locating

This metal hunter uses a navigating tool and map screen to determine where users standing, and where users take the next step. Moreover, this feature is connected with the Google map PC system. With this simple system, you just upload your treasure place and it will take you there.

Furthermore, it has an audio system, for this reason, you will find any hidden metals without any headphones.

Full-color display

The full-color display allocates the target adeptly and discriminates all the metal items. It will help you to read and understand everything very clearly because it is a full-color display.

Smart functions

It is easy and quick. Most essentially, you already discover that this detector quick menus and easy functions. It is doing a high performance in case of noise cancel, sensitivity, audio ground control, as well as customer user button.

Ergonomic design

You are already amazed by these features, you will also be happier when you see the battery armrest. Yes! It has. It has a balanced design. You can set the armrest in your own way how you feel comfortable, you can set it.


Take a glance of Minelab CTX 3030 advantages

  • Easy to use
  • Colorful design
  • Hunt any type of metals
  • Good at hidden & lost metal
  • Waterproof
  • Auto charging & WM 10 charging cable
  • UR 30 headphones
  • Coil cover
  • 17 inches coil


Take a glance of Minelab CTX 3030 disadvantages

  • No carrying bag included

3. Most Expensive Metal Detectors Garrett ATX Deepseeker Package

Have you ever run into terrible experiences with a metal detector to hunt terrains? If your answer is yes then it is the high time to change your metal detector and grab Garrett Metal Detectors ATX to search in different conditions without replacing coils in every new session.

It is one of the most expensive metal detectors on our list. If your price is not a big deal to you and looking for a high-performing metal detector then it is ideal for you.

Garrett Metal Detectors ATX

Garrett Metal Detectors ATX is among the most unique metal hunter on the market because it has a part of a group pulse induction technology. For this reason, it can scan the location, going each foot’s land without changing the coins. So, if you want to invest in this metal detector then it would be a wise choice for you.

Best features of Garrett Metal Detectors ATX

ATX is one of the most expensive metal hunters on the market. You already understand why it is expensive. However, you don’t know about this metal hunter properly yet.

Garrett Metal Detectors ATX is an outstanding design, and it is different from another metal hunter because of this military-style looks.

This is a heavy metal hunter, but it is also a prominent metal hunter so that it is balanced with your arm.

In addition, the shaft is enhanced to cope up with additional searches during hunting treasure. It is right for professional metal hunters and also for hobby makers.

Advanced ground balance

Garrett Metal Detectors ATX has a tremendous ground capability. Without changing the coil, it easily adjusts with the ground. It doesn’t require any kind of search modes or doesn’t matter to the weight or size of metals.

Ground condition

It can detect anywhere. The user could detect in saltwater, could detect in an industrial area or humid conditions because waterproofing is up to 10 feet.

Battery strength

It is used for 8AA batteries. Minimum 10 hours sometime could be more it runs without indicating you. It has a super-effective battery capability.

Modes and setting

It has many different search modes which can be used 25 different modes by13 sensitivity settings for those users who target specific targets.


Take a look of Garrett Metal Detectors ATX advantages

  • Super high quality
  • Extra coils
  • Pulse induction
  • 25 search modes
  • 13 sensitivity
  • Waterproof
  • Super ground balance


Take a look of Garrett Metal Detectors ATX disadvantages

  • Expensive
  • Heavy

5. White’s Goldmaster GMT Metal Detector – 800-0294

White’s Goldmaster GMT has been doing an amazing job for 60 years of its journey. It is a professional and hobbyist metal detector, and they have earned so many reputations in case of hunting treasures.

It is mainly used for goldfields throughout the world. If you consider the price of the device then it must appear to you one of the most expensive metal detectors that provide remarkable performance.

Most expensive metal detectors: White's Goldmaster GMT

The gold nuggets detector is an expensive metal detector and finds nuggets large and small, coins where it ignores harsh ground found in gold-bearing areas. This metal hunter mainly prefers to that country where gold is near to them because it is easy to find with this.

However, let’s look through this amazing feature to help you to get more information about this.

Best features of White’s Goldmaster GMT

When a hunter is expensive that means it offers some exclusive features which make that special. It is not also different. It has a 6inch into 9inch DD concentric waterproof coil where it has been ready for next adventures.

It has an amazing discrimination option, amazing ground balance, and so on. These features are super efficient for hunting small gold, and other nuggets but it is highly preferable for gold that’s why it is made with some features which make it so efficient and more useful for gold.

High frequency

White’s Goldmaster GMT has 48 kHz operating frequency with 6 inch into 9-inch waterproof search coil that’s always ready for hunting gold and other treasures any wet places like river or streams. This metal hunter is broadly used for gold around the world.

Advanced iron analysis

With the high and end feature, it makes easier to analyze iron. This also offers a manual option where users are recommended for the initial setting.

White’s Goldmaster GMT has made it easier to achieve and monitor ground rejection with the help of digital microprocessors software to automatically track and reject unnecessary items.

Auto ground balance

Users don’t have to set the ground position because it is automatically settled down the ground. It is able to explore anywhere and any ground so you can hunt treasure anywhere very calmly.


Take a look of White’s Goldmaster GMT advantages

  • Best for gold hunting
  • Auto ground balance
  • Waterproof
  • 48 kHz frequency coil
  • Auto rejection
  • Manual and auto setting


Take a look of White’s Goldmaster GMT disadvantages

  • Expensive

5. Most Expensive Metal Detectors Teknetics T2LTD-BLK T2 Special Edition

The Teknetics T2LTD-BLK T2 is incomparable with any other metal hunter because it is worthy of the price. This metal detector is for gold prospecting, coin hunting, and relic hunting. It has been doing amazing performances since 2006 around the world.

Teknetics T2LTD-BLK T2

This metal is also known as a multi-task professional metal hunter. It has the ultimate goal of the latest advance electric technology, and its multitasking design introduces the modern edge of engineering.

It is easy to use and provides comfortless comparing with another metal hunter on the market.

Best features of Teknetics T2LTD-BLK T2

It is one of the most expensive metal detectors, however, it provides great value with price because it offers amazing features and substantial for the professional metal hunter.  This developed version features the increasing and extreme deep treasures caches modes.

It is a limited metal hunter and features will blow your mind. I am going to demonstrate Teknetics T2LTD-BLK T2 features broadly so that you can understand them very adeptly. Hope our one of selected most expensive metal meets your expectation.

LCD screen

This large LCD screen shows you target identification, target confidence, and target depth even also its has target identification display is newly included in this screen to enhance the target.

When you go to sea or industry finding relics, jewelry, and gold with this large LCD screen then you won’t miss anything near to you because its powerful ability helps you to find everything.

Multiple audio tones

If you have multiple audio tones features then you don’t have to be frantic to catch the right metal what you are actually looking for because it produces different kinds of sounds for different kinds of metals like gold, small nuggets, relics, coins, and so on.

Adjustable armrest

Well! This may look so wonderful because you can carry your metal detector for a long time. Furthermore, you can keep hunting because you won’t be bothered by your metal detector.


Take a look of Teknetics T2LTD-BLK T2 advantages

  • 5 years warranty
  • 7 frequency shift options
  • Has a battery strength indicator
  • Active & deactivate DST mode
  • 13 kHz operating system
  • Bottlecap mode
  • Worthy of money


Take a look of Teknetics T2LTD-BLK T2 disadvantages

  • Only 5 inch waterproof

5 Best Minelab Equinox Metal Detector

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