Small ferrous particles are detectable by most metal detectors. Non ferrous metals such as aluminium, copper, and lead are non-magnetic but are fine electrical conductors. Generally, they are very easy to detect. The non ferrous metal detector typically detects contamination of magnetic and non-magnetic metals, even if it is present in the product.

For the identification of insignificant non-ferrous materials, a non-ferrous metal detector is essential.

1. Canway High Accuracy Adjustable Waterproof Metal Detector with P/P Function

The metal detector is unbelievable. It’s nice and light, but a nice grip option is also available. When you see its carrying case, you will be impressed. For each use, it is also cool.

The shovel is terrific and lightweight. Along with the depth finder, the pinpointer is very precise. This is a solid detector that is perfect for users who are beginners or experienced.

Best Features of Canway Non Ferrous Metal Detector

non ferrous metal detector
  • The metal detector has an adjustable stem from 33 “to 40.6” for children and adults. More effort is saved by the armrest configuration that gives you a comfortable state.
  • Only by distinctive audio tones can you tell what kind of metal you have detected. And the pinpointer feature helps to accurately locate a target. By setting the disc range, it can also ignore junk metal and enhance your detection performance.
  • You can differentiate between 7 target categories and remove unwanted metals with this metal detector fitted with a wide backlit LCD screen to display operating depth mode, sensitivity level, battery condition, and volume level.
  • It has a water-proof 10-inch coil that offers better conditions without losing any information for detecting metals. It can be used in wet areas, such as beaches and lakes, as it is waterproof.

2. Sakobs Higher Accuracy Adjustable Metal Detectors

This metal detector is very easy to assemble and comes in English, French & German with a simple and thorough instruction book. A portable storage case and a well-made shovel are also required for this detector.

There are a few decent Youtube videos on this particular metal detector that you can watch if you need more basic guidance.

Best Features of Sakobs Higher Accuracy Adjustable Waterproof Metal Detector

Sakobs Higher Accuracy Adjustable Metal Detector
  • The diameter of the water-proof search coil of this metal detector is 10 inches. As you know, the larger the search coil is, the higher the sensitivity, the more time-saving and accurate you can detect. The waterproof search coil allows you to use underwater tracking, ideal for outdoor use.
  • You can get information from the LCD screen intuitively and it can detect metals up to 8.7 inches in depth. It is more detailed and convenient to see the detection mode, level of sensitivity, state of the battery, and level of volume. Even at night or in a dim field of the sun.
  • This 41.3 inch to 47.6-inch adjustable stem SAKOBS metal detector is ideal for both adults and children.
  • Whenever it sees some metal, the metal detector tells you. To discriminate against other forms of metal for a particular one, you may also use this metal detector.

3. Teknetics Alpha Hobby Metal Detector

With the Teknetics Alpha Hobby Metal Detector, you can discover and find missing objects. Overall rating and better detection of depth.

So far, in your yard, you will find coins, toy cars, and maybe a meteorite. It has surprisingly good depth and precision, particularly for the price.

Best Features of Teknetics Alpha Hobby Metal Detector

Teknetics Alpha Hobby
  • It has a goal ID system for numerical categories, as well as a big, easy-to-read LCD and intuitive controls. After going out a couple of times, the two screws connecting the display device to the rod were lost, but they were quickly tightened. It is intuitive to use the unit’s display and you can work it out in less than five minutes.
  • To locate missing objects such as coins, jewelry, and more, this Teknetics metal detector can easily be modified for various search depths and categories.
  • For service, it requires a single 9V alkaline battery. It also has the detection of three-tone audio targets, the view of depth and artifacts, a battery life indicator, and a headphone jack.

4. Minelab GO-FIND 11 Metal Detector

For beginners, this is an ideal detector. With the Minelab GO-FIND 11 Metal Detector, you will taste the thrills of treasure discovery. It is built for people of all ages and you can start detecting it today with GO-FIND 11.

Best Features of Minelab GO-FIND 11 Non Ferrous Metal Detector

Minelab GO-FIND 11 Metal Detector
  • The detector has a user interface that is intuitive and one button selects target forms. It is quick to use the Minelab GO-FIND 11 metal detector, just press the find button to choose from the search modes, and go to the detection. For the entire family, it’s great fun.
  • The GO-FIND 11 metal detector from Minelab is lightweight and collapsible. The quest coil is fully waterproof, so on land and in water, you will find treasure.
  • You can start searching and uncovering findings without the need for complex settings with two exploration modes and Minelab’s Easy-Trak technology. The type of object you want to target can be selected and the find mode set. The icons that flash will tell you what you find.

5. Allsun Pro Non Ferrous Metal Detector

For divers and those who want to search for metallic objects, this metal detector is a great pick.

This detector is super-flexible and has a great capacity to withstand water that can operate spontaneously below the water table.

Best Features of Allsun Pro Underwater Metal Detector

Allsun Pro
  • This detector has a waterproof detection coil, not an entire detector is waterproof, allowing you the ability to lower the coil underwater by up to 20 cm so you can go under the surface and uncover your treasure quickly.
  • On the metal detector, there is an LCD that displays various features, such as mode, depth, and sensitivity. Low indication for batteries. Operating and monitoring are convenient for you. And LCD lights are ideal for nightly or caliginous outdoor metal detection.
  • The Waterproof Metal Detector Deep Target is ideal for professionals and treasure enthusiasts to use.
  • This is suitable for identifying metal artefacts and anywhere concealed metal needs to be found.

The article has reviewed some non ferrous metal detector which you can use without any doubt. I assure you that all of these non ferrous metal detectors will provide you with the desired results and you will love to use these metal detectors.

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