Well, you are here which means you are looking for the best metal detector for kids. Compared to the adult or professional metal detectors, a kids metal detector is completely different.

That is why you need to do some research to find the best metal detector for the kids. After doing some days of the brief research I have found some of the best metal detectors for kids. Go through the entire article and find the pick the best one which fulfills your expectations.

1. Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector

Our research team has rated Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV is one of the best metal detectors for kids or beginners to introduce to the world-ruling hunting treasures. So you may ask yourself why I am giving the first position bounty hunter.

Best Metal Detectors for Kids bounty hunter tk4

Well, kids prefer the cheapest product with all substantial features, and Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV offers all kind of features which will come in handy in case of hunting treasures.

By no means, it would not only give you the cheapest price but it would also give you feel comfortable. So, look at the budget-friendly metal detector below.

Best features of Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV

Forget about the cheap price, look at this amazing feature. It has a really amazing and impressive list of features. I personally love this metal hunter because of the 5 years warranty offer which only a few vendors metal detector company offer.

It is an all-metal mode, and able to detect treasures any kind of rugged ground condition because it has amazing sensitivity. The frequency level of metal is 6.7 operating frequency. These are the common features.

Now, have a look at Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV top features as we mentioned it is one the best metal detector for kids or beginners getting the clear idea of it.

Sensitivity Adjustment

Simply, you can just turn on and off the Nob. The best possible sensitivity to understand the depth of the treasures, detect small treasures. And, it has an amazing sensitivity where it can detect from the extreme depth and small treasurers.

Basically, most of the cases metal detector doesn’t work properly in a rugged ground, saltwater, but this metal detector performs better these places.


The discrimination Nob collects necessary items and skips junk. Now, you are going to get this feature within cheap price. Discrimination is saved your time and energy because you don’t have to dig in unpredicted grounds, it easily captures where to dig.

Search modes

Well, if you don’t want to skip anything then turn off the discrimination modes and turn on search modes in all metals. This will collect each and everything without zero discrimination.

These features open for like you are hunting relics but you don’t want to miss iron then you can go with it. This mode will offer two-tone, audio and auto rejects iron.


  • Cheap
  • Headphone
  • 5 years warranty
  • Fit in any ground
  • Low battery indicator
  • Adjustable height design


  • No submersible coil

2. RM RICOMAX Metal Detector for Kids & Adults

Well, we put in a second choice on our list because we can assume beginners preferring a friendly price with upgrading features. So if you are looking forward to getting a metal detector that gives you the value of the money then you can grab this thinking twice as it is one of the best metal detectors for kids and seniors.

Best metal detector for kids RM RICOMAX

At this phenomenon, the junior metal detector is not just only toy, it is much more than that because you may have noticed it is adults’ and kids’ metal detector both can use simultaneously.

You will find so many metal detector in the market but you must check it out which suit your purpose.

Best features of RM RICOMAX Metal Detector

All metal detectors offer many different features but the mean point is which type of features really comes in handy for you. This metal detector has a great sensor which is able to detect different type of metals from different grounds, and it has great depth ability.

We know that it is the best metal detector for kids and adults that’s why it has a waterproof coil which is really important for adults. All important features discussed below.

Accurate sensors

It is one of the powerful sensors which can keep up to 7 inches. Moreover, it can separate the items and differentiate the metals. Apart from that, it detects gold and silver easily. So it saves your time and makes your job very easy.

Advanced control and LCD display

This is also a handy metal detector that makes your job easy. This control metal detector comes with a modern age technology. So that you will able to find all metals within a short time, you can measure the treasure; you can easily understand the size of the treasure, and weight because everything you will see on screen.


It is very rare and expensive features in the metal that’s why very few companies offer this feature. You will be so lucky to get this because it gives you within a friendly price.


In the case of the professional metal hunter, waterproof is required because they have to go with this so many places. This metal detector is for both adults and kids. Now, the kid also can go with this and hunt treasures in the rain.


  • Waterproof
  • Friendly price
  • Used modern equipment
  • LCD screen
  • Powerful sensitivity
  • Adjustable
  • For kids and adults


  • Not so accurate

3. Best Metal Detector for Kids, OMMO

We are going to introduce you to another metal detector which is the third position on our list. It is one of the best metal detectors for kids and adults. OMMO Metal Detector for Adults and Kids holds the reputation since their journey started.


Well, if you want a metal hunter for kids or adults with a friendly price then no wonder it would be another finest metal detector that gives upgrading features within your budget.

Features are really important in case of hunting treasures and if you are a beginner then there is no other option open to buy a versatile metal hunter. You are in the right place.

Let’s have the look of OMMO Metal Detector for Adults and Kids features.

Best features of OMMO Metal Detector for Adults and Kids

This metal detector can be used by parents, children or any of them. It has an extreme sensitivity that has audio modes so that you can easily find coins, metal products, jewelry, or missing gold in beach grass, and hills.

Whenever we said it can hunt metal on the beach that obviously means that it is waterproof and adjustable ground. To get a clear idea of features, we signified each feature given below and each and every feature will come in handy.

High sensitivity

Why we said high sensitivity features because it can substantially hunt treasures from many grounds like beach, grass, and hill. Moreover, it has an audio mode that will remind you to go in the right place to dig if anything finds in a necessary it will inform you to dig more.

Intuitive LCD screen

That features will make you more comfortable and fashionable to hunt precisely because it has a high sensitivity level, depth and battery level helping you to explore in the right arena.

In addition, it could be a great hobby for you and fashionable for your children.

All metal and disc and pp modes

All metal modes detect the coin, jewelry, gold, silver, and so on. Mean point is that this mode detects all kinds of metal. Moreover, disc mode discriminates what kind of metal is detected.

Furthermore, pinpoint mode will help you to remind that if the metal is close to.


  • Waterproof
  • Three different modes
  • LCD screen
  • Extreme sensitivity
  • Adjustable
  • Price with value


  • Not best suited for adults

4. Best Metal Detector for kids, Aneken

This is one of the best metal detectors for a kid that’s why we put in a fourth position. If you don’t satisfy with the previous metal detectors then you can check out this.

 Aneken Detector

We believe everyone’s test is different and the budget is also that’s why we come up with a different kind of best metal detector for kids to make you easier to choose.

It is easy to use and also budget-friendly. At this time they are selling offering price so you may grab this if it meets your requirements. We elaborate Aneken Metal Detector’s amazing features to make you a clear understanding of it.

Best features of Aneken Metal Detector

It is comprised of various types of amazing features. Some features help you to detect accurately, some features help you to protect from the water, and some features help you to get a clear idea of metals.

We are going to demonstrate Aneken Metal Detector’s important features to give you a more clear idea. Hope after looking through these features you will feel more interested to buy this.

Extreme sensitivity

It has a search coil that can search deep and go up to 8.5 inches. This higher sensitivity will save you time and energy.

Higher sensitivity is really necessary to hunt metal because it finds treasures from extreme depth to make happy and more interested to hunt more.

Ergonomic design

42 inches to 48 inches height-adjustable stem assume you carry from a different height. It makes you adjust to a different ground.

You can carry this detector comfortably less arm support which is for kids feeling comfortable to move anywhere.

Moreover, this equipment related to headphone jack so you can easily avoid noise.

Intuitive LCD screen

That features will make you more comfortable and fashionable to hunt precisely because it has a high sensitivity level, depth and battery level helping you to explore in the right arena.

In addition, it could be a great hobby for you and fashionable for your children. This feature can give you accurate information up to 7.1 inches in depth.


  • Waterproof
  • 3 search modes
  • High sensitivity
  • Easy to use
  • Warranty and guarantee
  • Friendly price
  • Upgrading technology


  • It may heavy for some users

5. INTEY Metal Detector

This is the fifth and last metal detector on our list. It is a super cheap and best metal detector for kids. Kids always prefer funny thing and it consists of some features which make your kids super greedy to hunt treasures with this metal hunter.

INTEY Metal Detector

This metal detector is for kids but adults also can use it. So, before going to purchase you should look at these amazing features.

Best features of INTEY Metal Detector

INTEY Metal Detector is comprised of those types of features where kids would love to hunt with this metal. There is one of the most interesting features which are funny treasure hunt.

This feature extending from 3.5 inches to 45 inches is an adjustable stem. This metal hunter is for both adults and kids. So now you can start your journey and make a good company with this.

I am going to elaborate on some coming handy features. After discussing these features, I hope you will feel more comfortable to buy.

High accuracy

This is one of the important features. You may see lots of metal hunters in the market offering accuracy but not offering high accuracy.

Kids basically look for jewelry, coin, relics, silver, and ring are detected up to 8 inches because it has an 8 inches coil. Moreover, it has an adjustable coil that can be detected by 180° angles.

IP67 Waterproof

The stem and the coil are waterproof at the end. For this reason, you can hunt metal outdoors, beach, and steam.

But you should conscious one thing that display is not waterproof so you should not wet your display and this display runs by the 9-volt alkaline battery.

Two modes

This metal hunter has two modes in case of hunting metal disc and all metal modes. The disc can be eliminated targets which you don’t want to keep in a bag. Furthermore, all-metal modes detect all metals.


  • Funny treasure hunters
  • Waterproof
  • Extreme accuracy
  • Two modes
  • Audio jack
  • Used by kids and adults
  • Cheap


  • The display will damage if it is getting wet.

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